What’s happiness got to do with customer care and loyalty? Everything. The level of happiness you feel is largely in your control. When you’re happy it’s much easier to create happiness for the customer. According to Martin Seligman, the founder of “positive psychology” with whom I studied to become an Authentic Happiness Coach, there’s plenty of evidence being happy has far reaching business benefits.

Is Workplace Happiness a Business Decision? 8 Tips That Will Increase “Business Resilience”

Want a more positive workplace where you and your co-workers feel happy and motivated? Want to make customers happier so that their loyalty – and your profits – grow? Want to work more efficiently and effectively and improve your health? Authentic Happiness Coach and Customer Loyalty expert JoAnna Brandi shares tips for transforming these wants into “haves” Her overall message: Happiness creates resilient employees who, in turn, create resilient, thriving companies.

Before I write anything these days (with the exception of a rant when I get poor service, which is driven purely by emotion at the time) I check in with what you want to learn from me about caring for customers, leading a high performance team and creating more happiness for yourself and others.

Are You Dealing Positively with Conflict?

One recurring theme is dealing positively with conflict. I thought I’d tackle that topic today since I was recently challenged myself to do just that.   Here are 12 ways to deal more skillfully and positively with conflict.   Adopt a Win/Win intention. We live in a competitive culture. We want to “win,” but in the competitive…

Core Strength

Core Strength

Happy New Year!   Today’s my first day back to exercising and blogging in a few weeks. A nasty cold, some minor surgery, and the holidays out of state visiting family has kept me away from both.   It feels good to back.   This morning at my “Extreme Stretch” class my brain kicked into…