Living Consciously

We live our lives with intention. We recognize that we have the power in every moment to choose the thoughts and actions that support our thriving as individuals and as a company. We acknowledge that we can live by choice or by default. We make choices that are aligned with our values and strive always for the win/win and highest good.


We bring the wisdom of our whole selves to everything we do, knowing that quieting distractions and tapping into our intuition, hearts and ‘universal mind’ is the best way to create any solution. We acknowledge that there’s something larger than us working through us. We believe in magic and miracles, and know that we have a part in creating both.

Living consciously shows in the way we pay attention to:

  • the words we choose to think, speak and write, knowing the enormous power behind them
  • the commitments we make, acknowledging that keeping promises to ourselves and others increases the best and highest outcomes for everyone
  • the thoughts and feelings of others, knowing that we’re all connected
Customers Loyalty
Personal Leadership

We are all leaders. Each of us understands and embraces the idea that we are the CEO’s and architects of our own lives.


Our personal leadership shows in the way we take initiative, in the risks we take to be authentic, in our accountability to ourselves and others, in our commitment to telling the truth and asking tough questions, and in our trust of the results of that integrity. It shows in our commitment to and promotion of continuous learning. It shows in the way we lead with grace and compassion.


We trust, respect and honor the people with whom we are in relationship. We prefer collaboration as our style of working. We celebrate our differences, knowing that they enrich and balance our peak performance team.


The value of Relationship shows in the way we act with kindness and consideration, taking the time and energy to show our appreciation. It shows in the way we create value with our caring, and in the way we communicate clearly, honestly, openly and skillfully without blame or judgment.



We are results-oriented, working toward specific outcomes aligned with our vision to create more consciousness, competence and caring in the business world. Fueled by passion, we courageously set high goals and create systems to support them. We believe organizational and individual achievement and prosperity are the result of excellence, perseverance, and discipline.


Our value of Achievement shows in the way we support and celebrate both the efforts toward and accomplishment of our goals, recognizing the value of getting ‘the right things’ done. It shows in the way we embrace all milestones on the road to success – completion, deletion, creation – that result in achieving and sustaining extraordinary profitability



We are playful, resourceful and positive-minded people who thrive on asking and creating answers to the questions, “What’s possible? What if?” We work from an attitude of abundance (There’s more than enough of everything for everyone!) and are open to receiving all that’s good for our business and for each of us as individuals.


Our value of Optimism shows in our robust generosity of spirit as we gladly ask, “How can I help?” We use tools we’ve invented as well as those that are available to keep us in a trusting, “feel great” state of mind, and we encourage others to do the same.


The universe is always seeking balance, and we do the same. In any given situation we’re looking to think, speak and act in the best and highest interests of everyone involved. We’re skillful at managing our energy, priorities and responsibilities. We recognize that issues are often best resolved with ‘both/and,’ win-win solutions.


You can see this value at work in our professional lives, our personal lives, and even in the balance between them. Balance shows in our willingness to be sensitive to the ‘energy’ of people and situations, and to be fluid and flexible within the parameters of our values. It shows in our commitment to being team players whose poise creates the equilibrium necessary for peak performance.