Power Over or Power With? There is no question about it – leadership must evolve to re-imagine the new world of work.

We’re faced with a time that may not have precedent, but that doesn’t mean it has no roadmap. The roadmap to success after any crisis is one that must be paved with optimism, hope and resilience.

It’s almost a given that we have to believe in something that is larger than ourselves – a purpose, a promise, a spirit – to energize us when we are weary. Discover how the Science of Happiness can help you.

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Customers are Talking

Your Customers are Talking About You

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer “Satisfaction” VS. Happiness

The bridge between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is built with positive emotion.


The Customer Care Coach® is a low cost, self-led employee engagement tool for leaders who want to inspire “customer consciousness” in their team.

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Customer Truly Happy

These are the 7 Critical Things to Know.

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