Loyal customers promote us, share positive “word of mouth”, give valuable feedback and help us develop new products.


For over 25 years JoAnna has played many roles for her customers:


  • Providing strategic direction and insight on creating a competitive edge by creating customer
  • Helping design and kick off their customer experience initiative
  • Inspiring their employees to CARE – and Create Authentic Relationships with Energy and Enthusiasm
  • Working deeply on the culture and the values to create alignment and power
  • Custom designs, workshops and processes to get employees engaged and on board
  • Using her “Wisdom Circle” methodology to understand their company’s strengths and help them maximize them in the marketplace
  • Helping companies uncover and define their values as well as where they show up up at work
  • Coaching executives and executive teams in the practices of Applied Positive Psychology as Positive Leaders and therefore “Positive Energizers” in their companies and communities

Pushing clients to get out of their comfort zones, JoAnna offers new thoughts on managing and leading companies and the customer service function. She inspires whole organizations to Create Customer Happiness and teaches that Customer CARE is everyone’s job.


JoAnna is a practitioner of Applied Positive Psychology and a Happiness Coach who helps companies raise their “Positivity Ratio” as well as their productivity and profitability. The author of three books and an comprehensive self study course, She’s helped companies determine and design their customer care standards and their own code of behavior. She’s and trained coached both CSRs and CEO’s.


Her focus on the emotional elements of the customer experience – internally and externally – is helping companies as diverse as a medical company, a waste and recycling company, a financial provider, an insurance company, a catalog company, a box company, a restaurant – all create more customer happiness, employee engagement, return business and a big “Return On Happiness.”


All our consulting projects are customized to a customer’s needs. Call us at 561-279-0027 and let us know what your goals are and where you could use a boost in caring, consciousness or competence – we have services and products in all price ranges.


If you want to create more positive customer experiences and you are willing to learn how to “get real” in today’s customer-in-charge world give us a call to find out about how JoAnna Brandi and Company can help.


Individual Coaching

JoAnna coaches Executive level leaders who want to craft a customer CARING culture, create a more Positive Leadership style and use Happiness as a competitive advantage.


JoAnna is a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program and USC Berkeley Science of Happiness program. Her business coaching always reflects her eclectic training and her eight year affiliation with the Positive Workplace International, a group of happiness coaches committed to bringing the wisdom in Applied Positive Psychology to people in the workplace all around the world. She’s studied the Science of Happiness at USC Berkeley and taken master classes to study with her favorite teachers. She currently meets weekly with a group of Positivity Coaches to keep her skills sharp and continue to learn.

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Group Coaching

Positive Leadership Groups

JoAnna, sometimes along with a partner, coaches groups of leaders (different companies or the in the same company) the principles of Positive Leadership and guides them as they put the practices in action. A group can be formed after an on-site Positive Leadership Workshop to accelerate progress in adopting new practices. 8 – 12 sessions. (Weekly)


Customer Care Coach® Groups

JoAnna coaches groups of leaders in the same company for nine months to one year. She uses the Customer Care Coach® training program as the text. Monthly telephone meetings cover the topic highlights of the month. Participants spend 30 minutes a week doing the self-study program and an hour a month facilitating a meeting with their team.. Ideal for organizations with multiple locations and one brand of service!


This program can be done with people from different companies, providing they join as a group. Ideal for associations and other groups that have members in similar kinds of businesses. Ideal for “users” groups and customer groups as a value added service.

Contact JoAnna today at 561-279-0027 or JoAnna(at)

Happiness is a Choice