Who’s in Charge of Motivation?

YOU are! At the start of each moment of each day, the person who can best motivate you to do your best is YOU. You’re in charge of motivating you. You’re the CEO of your own life, the author of your own play, the architect of your own garden. Along with those roles, you are the CMO of your life – the Chief Motivation Officer! You get the picture. It really is all about you!

So when it comes to taking care of customers – the internal ones as well as the external ones – how do you motivate yourself to do a great job day in and day out?

I’ll tell you how; you do the same thing you do when working toward any goal: You talk to yourself. You remind yourself how important each customer is and how much you care. You remind yourself that customers are the reason your organization – and your job – exist. You have a few words with yourself to keep your mind focused, your heart open and your energy up.

If only it were that easy. The truth is, relying solely on yourself to motivate yourself can be tough to do day in and day out. That’s why successful people have their “dream teams,” their support systems of trainers and coaches and assistants: To tell them what they need to hear so they can keep moving forward! And that is exactly how I can help you.

Welcome to Monday Morning Motivation



Positive Self Talk For People Who Care About Their Customers.


This customer care excellence tool will jumpstart your work week right by getting your positive self-talk on track in less than a minute!

Here’s how it works:

The Monday after your sign up for Monday Morning Motivation you will receive a single, one-page email featuring:


  1. One focused insight about customers
  2. A powerful recommendation of positive self-talk that corresponds to the insight
  3. An “idea generating” question to keep you thinking all week long


That’s a lot of motivational power packed into one small package!


While working with Monday Morning Motivation you’ll start to see positive changes in your thinking, communications and overall performance within a month. Want even faster results? Sign the whole team up to have everyone focused on the same aspect of customer care at the same time; the conversations you’ll have will give your team a boost of motivation and momentum like you’ve never seen before.


Here’s where the program gets even better:

Get a whole year’s worth of weekly emails to keep you focused on what matters and highly motivated. It costs only $17.95! That’s less than 35 cents a week for gold nuggets from my 25+ years of customer care training expertise delivered right to your desktop at the start of each week!


To learn more and to get a sample, click here.

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When you order multiple copies you will need to email me a spreadsheet with team members first names and email addresses in order to get you started. Each person will receive an email requiring them to opt in to receive their copy. We will never use these email addresses for any other purpose. We promise. It takes a few days to get your order set up, once the names are inputted you receive your copies on the next Monday. Thank You!