What Can Science Teach You About Becoming a Positive Energizer?


Discover the Science of High Performance

Positive Energizers make Great Bosses. Positive leaders elevate, uplift and inspire their staffs to move out of their comfort zones and into the future. Evidence abounds now from the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Sports Psychology that people CAN change their thoughts, their habits and their patterns. You can become smarter, healthier, happier and even wealthier when you adopt more positive habits.


The “Do more with less” strategy so many companies adopted in the last few years does not work, but “Do more with BEST” does. Positive Energizers look for and leverage the best in people and in teams. They take their cues from a science that has measured “High Performance” and knows that to take a team to high performance there needs to five times more positivity than negativity – five times more focus on strengths rather than weakness. Five times more focus on what you want to create than on what you want to avoid.

Employees call these Leaders “Positive Energizers”

We get what we focus on. For many years leaders focused on finding people’s weaknesses and fixing them. Decades of research now proves that doesn’t work. Bosses that focuses attention on what we do wrong demoralize, demotivate and deplete their very best assets.


Positive leaders create Positive Workplaces. They craft cultures that shine the light on what is right and live the values they co-create. When an organization creates more “Positive Capacity” it increases its productivity, creativity and profitability. A Positive Workplace Culture is a competitive advantage.

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Increasing Positive Capacity impacts business results in all areas.


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Happy people are:

  • More productive
  • Make better leaders and better negotiators
  • Have more friends and more social support
  • Have larger social networks
  • More resilient, cope better with change, stress and trauma
  • Are more philanthropic, generous and kind to others, give more
  • Have stronger immune systems and live longer

Happy companies:

  • Have fewer accidents and fewer quality defects
  • Lower health care costs
  • Less absenteeism and turnover
  • Are more creative
  • Have happier customers
  • Have more productivity
  • Have better bottom lines

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Is your organization fostering and enabling positively energized leaders?

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Do you know how your positivity is affecting your customers?