JoAnna has been rated #1 at the Inc. Magazine Conference on Customer Service Strategies and #1 at the Business Direct Marketing Conference. She regularly gets rated in the TOP 10% of all speakers at the conferences where she presents. JoAnna’s upbeat and humorous style has people saying things like “She’s better than a second cup of coffee!”. If you have an event coming up JoAnna will kick off with passion, purpose and heart!

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Building Sustainable Customer and Employee Loyalty
The strategies, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that increase profitability


Positive Leadership
Using the latest finding from the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Sports Medicine to create highly engaged, high performance, strengths-based organizations


Happiness in the Workplace
Helping individuals find more pleasure, engagement and meaning in their work


All of these can be delivered in a keynote, one hour or three hour formats. The longer the format, the more audience engagement.

What’s Your ROH?

Every company has an R.O.H. The Return On Happiness that comes as a result of how well you care, inspire, engage and empower your workforce shows up in a number of places. It shows in higher customer and employee loyalty, it shows up repeat business and abundant referrals. It shows up in positive word of mouth in social media sites. But most importantly it’s showing up in the lives of those who work for you.


When you provide a positive, healthy and happy place to work, people go home at night with the energy to enjoy their families, friends and hobbies. In fact when you have employees who are happily engaged in their work – and in the real work of the business – they get to spread the good feelings they leave work with to a whole lot of people. This keynote will leave you inspired and uplifted and send you home with 5 ‘Positivity Practices’ guaranteed to help you raise your happiness set point. 60 and 90 minute versions available.


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21 Ways to Keep ’em Happy, Keep ’em Loyal and Keep ’em Coming Back!

JoAnna’s most popular presentation! Get your pad and pencil ready for a workout, in this lively and energetic session where JoAnna presents dozens of rapid fire, practical and easy ideas for setting your company ablaze with customer consciousness! Become a “Customer-caring” company as you learn about the “Relationship Tripod” and the “Appreciating Cycle”. Understand how to saturate the company with the voice of the customer, how to turn Moments of Truth into Moments of Magic. (There’s a “39 Ways to Keep ’em Happy” available too!) This presentation is available in 60 or 90bminute or half day version. It’s a great one for a mixed group.

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Keeping your customers and keeping them happy is essential to sustaining a healthy business. But building customer loyalty is tougher than ever. How do we create the kinds of relationships that last for a lifetime, that pay us back with feedback, positive word of mouth, referrals and more business? Customers have two sets of needs: business needs and emotional needs. Studies show that loyalty is inextricably connected to how well we serve those emotional needs. Learn some of the key questions you can ask yourself to create the kind of emotional attachment that will keep your customers bonded to your company for a lifetime.


Building Customer Love and Loyalty: Put the Essential Elements in Action!

Customer loyalty is tougher than ever to earn – and you’d better figure how to earn it before your competitor does. The days customers are prone to fall in love with companies that reflect back their values to them, do you do that? Building loyalty requires that you understand where loyalty comes from (hint: it’s emotional!) and then determine how and where you can build more of it. That’s hard because so much of customer loyalty is emotionally based. This session, based on JoAnna’s new book, “Building Customer Loyalty- 21 Essential Elements in Action” will help to de-mystify 21 of those essential emotional elements of building loyalty. This workshop marries theory and practice and gives you easy, inexpensive ways to focus your whole team on building customer loyalty in your organization.

The Positive Leader – Inspiring People To Bring Their Best Selves To Work

Tal Ben Shaher, who teaches Positive Leadership at Harvard, believes that today’s leaders must see their primary role as creating more “positive capacity” in the organization, more capacity for positive emotion.


Since the advent of Positive Psychology in 1998, scientists have been discovering that when we experience positive emotions a cascade of beneficial biochemicals flow through our body, opening our minds, calming our hearts and keeping our immune system healthy. This management/exec level overview of how companies practicing “Positive Deviance” get such outstanding results. If you are looking to consistently WoW! your customers, start by infusing the culture with positive emotion and self-confidence.


Leaders who know how to cultivate positive emotion in the workplace tap into an endless well of psychological capital – hope, optimism, confidence, resilience – which has the power to keep the organization innovating, creating value and astonishing their customers even in tough times.

Remember, a successful ‘Customer Experience’ is all about emotions. If a customer feels good about the value you provide – if they are happy doing business with you – they are more likely to come back again. It’s time for businesses to become emotionally intelligent and learn to create the positive emotions customers crave. Learn how to become one of these “Positive Energizers” and elevate the true meaning of work. This program is offered as 60 or 90 minute, half day, full day or two day workshop format.

Doing the Basics Brilliantly

This half-day overview of “The Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care” includes the Foundation Principles, the Twelve Dimensions of Quality Customer Care, Creating the Customer Care Strategy, Moments of Truth and Moments of Magic, Building the Team and Crafting the Culture.

Happy From the Inside Out

Is there a link between Employee Happiness and Customer Happiness? Absolutely! Happy people are more productive, more engaged, and more satisfied with their jobs. Studies show that they select higher goals, perform better and persist longer on problem solving tasks.


If you are looking to create consistently positive experiences for your customers look to your people first. Happy, engaged employees have a much better chance of creating happy, engaged customers. Happiness CAN be deliberately created and maintained.


Highlights of JoAnna’s lively, energizing and eye-opening Happiness workshop:

  • Delve into the five pillars of happiness and well-being
  • Learn how to build psychological capital
  • Outsmart your happiness setpoint
  • Find out why optimists live 9 years longer than pessimists
  • Practice exercises that are proven to increase your happiness over time

A successful ‘Customer Experience’ is all about emotions. If a customer feels good about the value you provide – if they are happy doing business with you – they are more likely to come back again. It’s time for businesses to become emotionally intelligent and learn to create the positive emotions customers crave. This program is a great start!

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