”JoAnna Brandi’s Customer Care training was fabulous for our diverse team at Tower Park Management. As a new marketing coordinator, I was tasked with finding a customer service trainer who could engage and educate our staff, from property managers to the maintenance team. JoAnna exceeded our expectations!”


What sets JoAnna apart is her ability to connect with even the most skeptical participants. Our property managers, some with over a decade of experience, are typically tough cookies to impress. They’ve experienced many customer service training sessions. JoAnna made learning fun and engaging, blending customer care principles with practical customer service skills.


JoAnna’s interactive approach was key. Our team loves to participate, when inspired, and she brilliantly used this to her advantage. By having them engage in scenarios that she readily accessed, made the lessons really stick! Even I, with 30+ years of experience in advertising and marketing, learned something new—like not saying “no problem”.


JoAnna’s blend of expertise, relatability, and the ability to build rapport over time made this mandatory training feel anything but. She transformed it into a valuable, enjoyable experience. I would recommend JoAnna hands down to any company looking to elevate their customer interactions. She doesn’t just train; she inspires a culture of proactive, thoughtful customer care.”

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