Positive customer experiences are directly related to positive employees and a positive workplace environment. 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive in the presence of positive people. Well it’s no wonder. Science now tells us that when we are experiencing a positive emotion, we are more creative, we solve problems quicker, we’re more open to new ideas and we think in a more expansive way. And let’s face it, we’re a heck of lot nicer to be around.


Since we live in a predominantly negative world, positive workplaces don’t “just happen.” They are the result of deliberately crafted and lovingly tended cultures that are focused on the well-being of the customers and the employees.


I call them Positive, Customer-Caring cultures and for 25+ years I have been helping companies create them. When organizations focus their attention, their genius and their energy on keeping customers happy there is a bottom line result. An increase of only 5% in customer retention can boost bottom lines 25%-100%. Keep those retained customers happy and help them become loyal and that money stays and multiples as they tell their friends.


How do you do it? You inspire, engage and empower your people to make the customers happy. You have a plan of action that includes:

  • A hiring process so you bring in only the best suited
  • An orientation process that makes them feel welcome
  • Clear expectations so they know how to succeed
  • Training and coaching so they are competent in every aspect of their job
  • A manager that cares and recognizes and builds on their strengths

You support them with processes that work, technology that makes things easy and you help them find their groove in their work. Let them co-create the vision with you and reward that passion with things that matter to them.


Today’s best employees demand more than the traditional perks of business.


They want to:

  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Share decision-making power with leadership
  • Make a meaningful contribution

Customer Happiness and Employee Happiness are inextricably connected. Both require a culture that is values centered and deliberate. Both require leadership that understands how to create “psychological capital” in the form of hope, optimism, resilience and efficacy.


When employees feel appreciated, valued, important, validated, welcomed, heard, safe, respected (and maybe even loved) they are more capable of delivering the discretionary effort that creates the going the extra mile behaviors customers love.


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Here are some products that will help you Engage and Motivate Your Employees:

There’s no doubt about it! The Customer Experience and your employee’s experience are related. Customer happiness rarely occurs when the team is less than happy. This quick assessment gives you 21 questions (tough ones) you’d better be asking if Customer loyalty and advocacy is your end goal.

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As a customer care trainer who works with companies of all shapes and sizes, I’m well aware of the ‘extreme cautiousness’ with which most organizations are approaching any purchases – especially when it comes to training their employees to be and do their best. As I see it, there are three main challenges…

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Are your employees engaged in their work, or are they estranged from your company’s mission and their role in making it happen? Mounting evidence suggests that the more engaged employees are in what they do, the better their performance and the higher the rewards for everyone. The key is to have managers who are skilled at creating employee engagement.

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Does your company suffer from what I call E.D.S. – Empathy Deficiency Syndrome?

This E-advisory report will give you a dozen different ways to overcome the apathy that causes E.D.S. Short, easy to read and actionable!

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What is it that forward-thinking companies want these days? Customers that are loyal advocates and employees that are excited, enthusiastic, energetic, and empowered to make decisions that benefit both the customer and the company. They want commitment, they want people who love and take pride in their work and will represent the organization in the best possible light.

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Given the choice of dealing with a positive, upbeat employee with a “can-do” attitude or dealing with a disgruntled, distracted, uninterested one, which would you choose? No contest. Customers always want the best experience possible, they want it to be easy and pleasant to do business with your company. Enter the real challenge of “Relationship Management”, the relationships. Until all of our business is done electronically, as much of it most likely will be, managers, in addition to making sure the work gets done, still need to be concerned with the performance of the most important link in the customer connection — people.

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Want to understand more about your culture? You should – it’s the invisible force behind your service improvement efforts. Our newest edition to the Creating Your Loyalty Building Program series presents you with a game you can play throughout your company to uncover the forces that support or sabotage your efforts.

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