Want to Improve Your Working Relationships?


Imagine that your business sits on top of a three-legged foundation—a tripod, if you will, similar to a photographer’s tripod. Imagine that each leg represents a specific set of relationships. The tripod can support your business—and even be adjusted to higher heights—only if each relationship is equally strong and balanced.


If you’re a leader, this means that these three relationships are your number one priority (In fact, we believe all leaders are a relationship managers). We have come to call this concept the Working Relationship Tripodsm, and the Power of Three

The Three Critical Relationships are:

The External Relationships

These are the relationships you have with your customers, suppliers, community, stockholders, the families of those who work for you, your industry and even your competitors.

The Internal Relationships

These are the relationships you have internally, with your co-workers, staff and bosses.

The Inner Relationships

This is the all-important relationship an individual has with her/himself and her or his work. This relationship is the one that powers all the others. It’s the one that determines whether or not your employee will show up in the morning with the “YES!” attitude, fully engaged in creating customer happiness or disengaged and feeling disempowered to make a difference.


It is in the care and feeding of these three relationships through the choices you make that you have the opportunity to create an environment that breeds success in all measures: Intellectually and emotionally by providing challenge and opportunity, physically through providing ample living and good working conditions, and spiritually by providing the means to make a significant contribution.


To make better relationship management choices, first you have to take an honest, thorough look at your current.


You can read more about the Relationship Tripod and how to get a current state on yours by clicking and reading the article on Critical Business Relationships here

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