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Customer Loyalty is at an all time low, some even say it’s dead. Is Loyalty Dead? Absolutely not! But customer loyalty is tougher than ever to earn, and you’d better figure how to earn it before your competitor does. Building loyalty is challenging because so much of customer loyalty is emotionally based. In this 50 page handbook, JoAnna explores 21 Essential Elements of loyalty and gives you action steps to achieve them.

Bonus: the book includes a survey that will help you understand how your rate in “loyalty creation.” Softcover (Quantity discounts begin at 50 copies)

Let JoAnna help you to de-mystify 21 of the essential emotional elements of building loyalty. Learn how to take the emotional concept – like Caring, Enthusiasm, Attitude, or Authenticity and understand how you use it to build and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers. This workshop marries theory and practice and gives you easy, inexpensive ways to focus your whole team on building customer loyalty in your organization.

Praise for the book:

“JoAnna Brandi’s “Building Customer Loyalty, the 21 Essential Elements In Action” is a must-read… but slowly. Reading one essential per day will make for one of your most enlightening months.”

–Jim Sterne Target Marketing of Santa Barbara Author, Speaker, Consultant +1 805-965-3184 Author of “Customer Service on the Internet”

“In the words of my god-son, “this book totally rocks!” I am a business owner of a print consulting firm and we are concerned with continually improving how our team delivers our service. Who would have thought this small book with 21 elements would pack such a wallop. After reading it, I used the 21 elements as talking points with my team and together we drafted a plan for implementation. We ranked them in order of importance/benefit and wrote small mini-plans for what steps would be needed to make each a reality. We figure it will take us a full nine months to get them all done. It was such a gift. Thank you for giving us the blueprint for customer loyalty.Satisfaction is just not enough for us and we are grateful for the “leg up”!

Joe Zaniker, Owner
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