winning_at_CRetwinning customer retention
After five printings and almost 10,000 copies sold, we’ve turned JoAnna’s first book, “Winning at Customer Retention” into an e-book. This is a little book with a big impact, this one-idea-on-a- page book delivers insight that can be used at every level of an organization to build and sustain customer retention and loyalty. Based on the premise that the businesses that will thrive are those that recognize and nurture strong, trusting relationships, “Winning” offers a new look at the interaction between marketing and customer care. At the heart of “relationship marketing” is relationship mastery. The better you are at building relationships the better you are at business. This e-book presents a diverse mix of relationship skills – some geared towards external customers some towards internal customers and some towards the individual – all designed to create customer loyalty and enhance the customer lifetime value. Covering topics from Defining Values to Having Fun, it’s short, clever, easy to read and most importantly useful in teaching every person in the company the importance of customer caring at all levels. After all, Customer Caring is everyone’s business. This was Jo Anna Brandi “The Customer Care Coach’s” first book and it still remains a favorite!

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