These are some of our favorite e-books, maybe they will be some of your favorites too!

winning_at_CRet“101 Ways” – After five printings and almost 10,000 copies sold, we’ve turned JoAnna’s first book, “Winning at Customer Retention” into an e-book. This is a little book with a big impact, this one-idea-on-a- page book delivers insight that can be used at every level of an organization to build and sustain customer retention and loyalty. Based on the premise that the businesses that will thrive are those that recognize and nurture strong, trusting relationships, “Winning” offers a new look at the interaction between marketing and customer care. At the heart of “relationship marketing” is relationship mastery.

Price: $15.00

intangibleMaking the Tangible Intangible Values are at the heart and soul of any culture. They’re the blueprints that drive an organization’s culture toward or away from success. Do you know your organizational values? How about your personal values? Do you understand the vital link between them? This special report from the Customer Care Coach® builds a solid case for having values front and center of any organizational initiative – and then leads you through the process of uncovering, defining and putting both personal and team/organizational values into action!

Price: $49.00

deep_sweetHow healthy is your team and/or organizational culture? Is it yielding ‘sweet rewards’ like growth, peak employee performance, loyalty and profits? Or is it languishing, weak, neglected? This special report from the Customer Care Coach® will help you assess your culture at a ‘root level’ by looking at the living, breathing environment you’re managing in an all-new way.

Price: $19.99

abe(cover_s)achievement based interviewing Special Report on the BEST Hiring skills for this century (so far!) Introducing Achievement Based Interviewing and Evidence Based Selection – ABE. (E-book – to be downloaded after purchase)

Price: $99.00

smart_hiring_imageThe Customer Service Manager’s Hands-On Guide to “Smart Hiring and Orientation” By Jodie Hoffman. Introduction and Commentary by JoAnna Brandi. (E-book – to be downloaded after purchase)

Price: $27.95

daretocarestickersIt’s the most fun $4.97 you’ll spend all week!

DOWNLOAD the template and print onto your own Avery 5160 labels – print them in B&W or color and spread the word!

Price: $4.97

1001ways1001 Ways to Wow Your Customers was created to invite and share “stories” of great customer service. “Stories” are the medium to best describe “what great performance looks like” and “feels like” and customer service stories can entertain, illuminate and inspire. We’ve moved from a space on “Blogspot” to a WordPress home at and have now captured the work in this first volume as an eBook.

Price: $29.00

3D_cover_relationship_secre“How 5 Easy To Learn Relationship Skills Can Super-Charge Your Career!” This E-book gives you the straight goods, everything you need to know about using people skills to maximize your profits and productivity. And it’s all explained in simple down-to-earth language.

Price: $27.00

goalplanner_sDetermine What You Really Want, Prioritize Your Goals, Stay Focused and Remain Consistently Moving in the Direction of Your Dreams Throughout the Year with SuccessNet’s Goal Planner click buy now for more details…

Price: $27.00

mission_sCreate a mission statement that works! It’s a foundational piece of your plan. click buy now for more details…

Price: $3.95

visionstatement_sCouple this with your mission statement and you’re on your way to success

click buy now for more details…


laserq_sLaser questions Clarity leads to power. This tool can give you the clarity you need to get you where you want to go. Full of questions that will stimulate your highest level of thinking. click buy now for more details…

Price: $9.95

ycv_sWhen You Know Your Core Values, Every Decision You Make is Easier
Sound Core Values Are the Foundation of a Truly Successful Life.

click buy now for more details…

Price: $19.97