smart_hiring_imageThe Customer Service Manager’s Hands-On Guide to “Smart Hiring and Orientation” By Jodie Hoffman. Introduction and Commentary by JoAnna Brandi.

This guide is dedicated to all the Customer Service Managers who were promoted because they were smart and “good with people,” but were given little to no direction on how to manage people.

It’s dedicated to all the “homegrown” Customer Service Managers who never had formal schooling or mentors and do most learning on the job, through trial and error.

It’s also for every Customer Service Provider in any position who has the desire to grow and perhaps one day become a Manager.

Written by Jodie Hoffman, formally a “homegrown” Customer Service Manager herself, this “hands on” guide walks you step by step through the successful processes necessary to consistently hire and on board only the RIGHT people for your culture. Complete with forms, lists and other tools for systematizing the job of Customer Service Manager the Guide will be your partner in a successful service management career. This is the first in a series of guides being developed by Jodie. JoAnna’s sage commentary accompanies Jodie’s capable instruction.

Your commitment to your profession and your dedication to Customers make a positive difference in the business world. We applaud you!

Jodie Hoffman

JoAnna Brandi

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