Dr. Christena Ward, Owner, Eye Tech Frisco

I want to give you some positive feedback for the Customer Care Coach.  This format is working well for me and my staff.  I’ve have been surprised at how receptive and engaged the staff have been with the activities.  I am receiving a lot more positive feedback regarding patient and staff experiences from the staff.  I am happy to feel more connection to my staff.  I am also relieved and delighted that the preparation is minimal and doesn’t take up a lot of valuable time.

Thank you.

Paul A Hallam – Plumbing Manager, Williams Comfort Air

I really enjoyed your program.  It was very impactful.  The focus of being positive is not easy, however the impact of being positive far outweighs the challenge in getting my mind there.  Your program has helped me be more positive with my staff as well as my personal life.  I recently had a friend of mine tell me “you are the happiest person I have ever met”.  I attribute this to being positive!

Thank You!

Jack Needham—Chief Thought Provoker, Williams Comfort Air

Positive Leadership is a way of life. It is not something that you do, it is something that you become. Walking day by day and month by month with the leaders of our organization and seeing the transformation of the coaching and leadership styles here at WCA is humbling at best. The Positive Leadership course assembled by JoAnna helped us accelerate the talents, skills, and abilities that are necessary to live this life while leading others. The one statement I hear time and time again is, “What are you broadcasting?, which is part of JoAnna’s program and quickly helps our leaders determine if they are above the line or below the line in their thinking.