Kelly Schram, NACCM, Conference Director

“Very rarely do we invite speakers back to the NACCM from one year to the next. JoAnna Brandi is the exception – and for good reason. JoAnna consistently brings us new content and fresh perspectives that keep attendees engaged, and kindles their customer care passion so much so that they take action when they return to their organizations. JoAnna’s talks are both inspirational and highly applicable, and attendees make sure we know this by rating her one of our top three speakers at every conference.”

Greg Boutain, Yakima Federal Savings

“The program was excellent. The most significant ‘take-away’ for me from the ‘Powered by Positivity’ program is the scientific information on how the neurons in the brain can continue to grow and new pathways with positive patterns can override old negative habits. I would tell others that this program could change their life in a positive way. It’s also a great managerial tool with employees.”

Emily Kolakowski, Wellness Corporate Solutions

Very worthwhile! I enjoyed every minute of the session. The instructor was informative, engaging and full of life! The session truly inspired our group to remember the importance of our work and to reignite our passion and love for what we do! It was neat to see the “Aha!” moments on the faces of some of my coworkers when talking about emotional intelligence and how to recognize the emotional needs of our clients. I would highly recommend this program.

Michael Earley, Chairman and CEO, Metcare

“We at Metcare were thrilled that you were able to present your Positive Leader workshop to our leaders and managers. As a growing health care business, making the transition
from “treating patients” to “caring for customers,” your message was right on point.

In fact, I’d say you hit it “out of the ballpark.” Your energy was enthusiastically received by our folks as evidenced in the standing ovation they gave you! They told me clearly that they want you back. We’re looking forward to having you at our next Town Hall meeting and starting with your Monday Morning Motivation program.

Thanks for helping us spread the message of positivity to our associates and our customers and welcome to the Metcare family. ”

Michael Earley, Chairman and CEO, Metcare