Dear JoAnna,

I want to thank you for the WONDERFUL day retreat you led for us last week.  I am still thinking about it and have my action items right next to me right now to remind me of what I want to do to follow up on our day together.  Because you did take the time to listen to us and I feel that you really “got” who we are before the day of the retreat, you were able to focus our attention on the areas that really need work and inspiration. For instance, “breathing in ease” is now something that we all have language for, and we can help one another to do.  I loved the exercise we did to start with gratitude and change our heart rate and the feeling of the room.  I also really appreciated the notes you sent after the retreat, and we have one of them hanging on our front receptionist’s desk right now to remind us all of your good lessons for us.

I highly recommend your sessions, and I hope we will be able to have you back soon!

It was a very special day for us.  Thank you for bringing your best self and all of your energy to help us at Temple Judea. We truly appreciate your great work!

With gratitude,


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