JoAnna’s message couldn’t be more relevant than it is right now.  After two years in a pandemic, with our employees working remotely and juggling the challenges of all that the pandemic has brought upon us, we knew this was the right time to bring her back.  This is not the same old customer service training that we all think of.


This is a program teaches so much more.  It helped our team think about happiness in a whole new way and gave them practical tools they could immediately put into action to give them control over their days, their interactions with teammates & our customers as well as over their own way of thinking.  And if you think that talking about happiness isn’t important – think again.


JoAnna has kept my employees talking for weeks and we’ve received such positive feedback from staff for investing in them in this way.


This program has challenged our team to think about the stories they tell themselves, the choices they make about who they are and the effect that has on everyone around them – their families, friends, teammates and customers.


After two years of remote work, our team connected in a much deeper way and it opened their eyes to our commonalities as well as our uniqueness as individuals.  JoAnna’s program is about bringing about change from the inside out and taking personal accountability and control over who you are and what you bring to work each day.  I have no doubt that we will see the positive impacts of this program for years to come.


I look forward to continuing our work with her and further developing our positivity practices specifically within our leadership team.  Her message is an important and timely one that can benefit companies in ways they may not have even considered.

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