A one day workshop to get your whole team on board

Customer Loyalty is at an all time low, some even say it’s dead. Is Loyalty Dead? Absolutely not! But customer loyalty is tougher than ever to earn, and you’d better figure how to earn it before your competitor does. While Customer Loyalty is considered a “top three” concern for virtually all executives recently surveyed, less than 15% are able admit that their company is actually addressing loyalty as a strategic issue, because they’re not. That’s a pity since only a single digit increase in loyalty can create a handsome double-digit increase to the bottom line.

Why aren’t more companies proactive in this area?

Loyalty is emotional state. It’s an emotional attachment that grows in the hearts and minds of customers. It’s based on the customer’s felt experience of doing business with you. When the customer’s perception of the value you deliver (on both the tangible and intangible planes) match, exceed or anticipate their idea of what they want or expect, they’ll have a positive experience.
That experience is often a result of a “value chain” inside the organization. The experience external customers have is a reflection of the ones internal customers have. Companies that thrive constantly seek to create value and happiness for all stakeholders.

Positive emotion has beneficial psychological and physical effects. Immune system functions heightens, resilience is built, “happy” hormones are released, and the brain function broadens. The “Broaden and Build” response further opens the pathway between the right and left hemispheres of the brain making it easier to think creatively and more wholistically. The customer is literally more “open” to your suggestions.

Customer Happiness

That opens the door of the relationship for you. If you then nurture the relationship by listening deeply, being reliable, building trust and learning how to anticipate or intuit their needs, they will me more likely to continue to do business with you because it feels good. When they feel good about the product, the price and the way they are treated, it’s easy for you to ask for business and referrals, and for them to offer both. Referrals, in your business, are key to long-term growth and “Thriving.” Thriving companies attract the best employees and the best customers because they have mastered the “Art and Science of Exquisite Customer CARE.”

This workshop, Beyond Satisfaction: Building Lifetime Customer Loyalty customized for your company is based on JoAnna’s book “Building Customer Loyalty- 21 Essential Elements in Action” will help you to de-mystify and operationalize many of those essential emotional elements of building loyalty. It marries theory and practice and gives you easy, and often cost-free ways to focus your whole team on building customer loyalty.

You’ll learn why and how to create an “Exquisite Customer Experience” that keeps your customers happy and coming back (with money and friends!)