Focus: Personal/Professional Development
In the last fourteen years there has been more research done on the study of what makes us happy, what makes us “flourish,” than ever before in history. This new “Science of Happiness” is continually discovering more and more about how we can live richer, fuller and more meaningful lives. Our expanding knowledge of the benefits of positive emotion is shedding light on ways individuals and organizations can move beyond just “surviving” into thriving.

Drawing from some of the latest finding in the fields of Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Wellness and Professional Sports, JoAnna Brandi, a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program, and author of three books delivers “Happiness 101” and more – a plan for developing your own “Positivity Practice.”

This program is for anyone who wants to get a little more zest out of work and life, anyone who wants to “amp up” their happiness setpoint and tone down the stressors that steal health and vitality. It’s also for Executives interested in using Happiness as a business model at work – it provides a starting point for understanding the value in creating more “Positivity Capacity”. It shares what the new and exciting science of Positive Psychology knows about health, wealth and well being. It’s perfect for spousal programs at conferences too!

In this program you will:

•    Get introduced to Positive Psychology, the science of “Flourishing”
•    Learn the latest scientific evidence on the many benefits of positive emotions
•    Understand the five pillars of well-being
•    Learn how to override your genetic happiness “setpoint”
•    Learn how to undo the damaging effects of stress
•    Sharpen your resilience strategies
•    Understand the ideal “positivity ratio” for thriving relationships
•    Learn 13 Positivity Practices and how to create your own positive rituals


JoAnna Brandi, a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program and Founding Member of Positive Workplace International (PWI), presents applications from the fields of Positive Psychology, NeuroScience, and Wellness that build a strong business case for a new kind of leadership. JoAnna has been a TEC/Vistage for resource speaker for over 14 years.

Her primary area of expertise – Customer Loyalty – has been dramatically enhanced with the work she has does with Positive Workplace International since becoming a member eight years ago. She has developed workshops on Positive Leadership and on Creating Happiness that are changing organizational cultures and enhancing people’s personal lives as well.


Having explored the link between customer happiness and employee happiness, she now focuses on helping leaders understand how to use the powerful evidence based work coming from the fields of Positive Psychology to inspire high performance and help their employees bring their best selves to work. She is in the process of writing her fourth book, entitled “From Positive Thinking to Positive Doing: Positivity Practices that Make Happiness a Habit”.

JoAnna has done over 60 programs for FL Vistage and here’s a recent comment from Florida Vistage Speaker Coordinator Angie Neal:

“JoAnna, I wanted to congratulate you on how well your Creating Happiness presentation has been received by our Members! This presentation has consistently been getting excellent marks. You most recent presentation scored an almost perfect 4.9 & 4.9 for both content and delivery. Your two presentations before that were 4.7 & 4.7, and 4.9 & 5.0. The Members (and Chairs) are receiving tremendous value.

Thank you so much for your continued good work through the years. Vistage Florida is so fortunate to have you on our speaking circuit!”