The Customers Within:
An Insider’s Guide to Delivering Exquisite Customer CARE

Everyone in an organization provides service to someone. For thirty one years, research on the “Service-Profit Chain” has established positive relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. It has pointed to the quality of the internal support services in a company, and its important contribution to both employee and customer satisfaction. Trouble is, most people in internal support departments don’t realize that they serve others in the organization, and sometimes don’t realize who they support.


Day one of the “The Customer Within” sets the stage for a shift in perspective and creates the definitive connection between how internal departments impact a company’s ability to provide an exquisite, world class level of customer care. Participants discover :

  • Seven Things Every Internal Service Provider Needs To Know
  • How to find both internal customers and internal suppliers
  • How to identify what value they deliver and what they value they need to receive
  • The difference between service and CARE and how to become more proactive
  • How to understand where the Moments of Truth occur
  • How to turn them into Moments of Magic

They will be able to articulate, probably for the first time, what their internal customers business needs are, and more importantly, what their emotional needs are. They will understand where and how expectations get formed and what they might do to create a framework for positive expectations. We’ll use discussion as well as exercises and a self assessment tool to look at the 12 Dimensions of Exquisite Customer Care and pinpoint where strengths exist and what needs improvement.

On Day two they’ll discover:

  • The foundations of Win-Win-Win communication
  • The sure-fire ways to eliminate miscommunication and the barriers to success
  • How to be assertive and direct in when dealing with multiple internal customers
  • Why a “recovery strategy” is critical
  • The 9 step process they can use with upset internal and external customers alike
  • The “art” of customer soothing
  • What their “USP” is an how they contribute to the team with it
  • How to ask better questions and get different results
  • How to put the “F-Factor” into action and make sure both business and emotional needs are met, exceeded and anticipated

Participants will have the opportunity to explore what they “want to be famous for” in the eyes of their internal customers and develop their own “brand” of customer care inside the company. This program is suitable for all internal departments – accounting, IT, HR, travel, logistics, administration etc.