A one day or two day workshop

Customer service as a profession is more demanding then ever. After organizations have been downsized, rightsized, reengineered and flattened to get closer to the customer more responsibility then ever has been pushed out to the front line service providers to keep customers happy, loyal and coming back.

This means the service provider is often juggling multiple tasks and multiple priorities as well as demanding customers seeking value, value, value. Today’s successful provider needs to have superb communication skills, the ability to gain and maintain rapport, as well as the technical knowledge to give the customer the information they need and solve problems on the spot.
What helps the customer facing rep keep it all together? Internationally known author and acclaimed public speaker JoAnna Brandi says its having a good “Inner Game.” Just like star athletes use mental skills in conjunction with physical practice to hone their game, so can star service providers.


Drawing from a variety of disciplines, JoAnna gives us a framework for peak performance service providers. “You can’t take exquisite care of customers if you don’t take care of yourself.” Leave this workshop feeling good about yourself, your job and your commitment to caring for customers. Be prepared to take better care of customers and other living creatures.

You will walk out feeling energized and renewed and ready to tackle the challenge of your chosen profession.