Hi and welcome to the store. If you’ve come this far, I’m guessing you have a real interest in improving your business (and maybe your personal) relationships. That makes me happy. The more people that put focus and effort into creating harmonious relationships, the sweeter the world will be!

Prices in our store start at $2.97 (an article) and end at $397.00 (For the entire Customer Care Coach® self study program PLUS bonuses.)

Our tools are affordable, simple to use and 100% guaranteed to work if you put in even a minimum of consistent effort. Nothing to lose and everything to gain from improved customer, co-worker and community relationships. I guarantee it!


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In this section you will find selected articles and advisories in downloadable pdf files. Everything in this section has something for you to learn and something for you to do with what you learned.

My work invites your involvement. Things won’t change until we get personally involved in asking the kinds of questions that will liberate the brilliance that lies resting in everyone of our employees.

Here you’ll find a small selection of “hard copy” books. We are also a distributor of Walk the Talk books and can special order them for you.

These are some of our favorite e-books, maybe they will be some of your favorites too!

JoAnna’s CD’s and cassettes are now available as MP3′s. Save Shipping and tax by downloading them to your computer. Listen to JoAnna while you work or upload them to your MP3 player and take a walk