Core Competencies

Core Competencies

I love Peter Drucker, always have, always will.   I started learning Druckerisms early in my career since he was a favorite consultant of my former boss, Gerry Leeds.   Drucker believed that every three years every company had to take a look at their “Theory of Business.” That theory is made up of the…

Walk like a Dancer

Walk Like A Dancer

I was schlepping myself and my luggage through the airport this week feeling tired and old when I heard my friend and teacher Scotty’s voice in my head. “Walk like a dancer JoAnna, walk like a dancer.”

I have to tell you that at that very moment I felt myself grow taller, I felt my gaze rise from the moving sidewalk to what passes for a horizon in an airport, I took a deeper breath, I lifted my head and heart and then exhaled. I thought of how a dancer might move her body through an airport pulling luggage. I figured it had to be different than the way I’d been doing it. So I made up, in my mind, a vision of how I thought a trained and graceful dancer would be moving herself through the tunnel between terminals A and B – a mighty distance.