Human beings tend to move in the direction of what they talk about. So, leader, let’s stop talking about “what’s wrong” with “these kids today” and start talking about what’s right. If you’re on my list I know you care about creating great customer experiences and nourishing the kind of culture that promotes them. I encourage you to make your own “What’s right” list.

Young People Today

As I do frequently, I recently spoke at a meeting of top execs who are looking to create thriving companies. Once again, (really?) the topic of managing young people today, AKA Millennials, came up, as it’s done for at least a dozen years. I’m still hearing some of the same things now that I heard…

Golden Pineapple Fruit

Get On Your Case

“I’ve been on my case” said Judith when we spoke today.

Judith called to involve me in a joint venture, and in the course of the conversation she used the phrase “no problem” seven or eight times. It was a pleasant, interesting conversation. She was an engaging and intelligent woman who knew her stuff, and as the conversation went on I kept getting distracted as I noticed the little hairs on the back of my neck wiggle every time she used the phrase that began with “No.”


You Must Be Happy All The Time

As most of you know, I teach positivity and happiness practices in business and I often hear, “ You must be happy all the time.” Surprise, I’m not happy all the time.

Sometimes I’m downright crabby. Lots of things effect my crabbiness – the weather, what I’ve eaten, how much sleep and exercise I get, the people I’m spending time with. Much like most people there are lots of things that irritate me, when I let them. (And yes, of course I do.)

Heart Shape for the nature

Stay Beautiful

I once had a boyfriend who used to end every phone conversation and every email with the phrase, “Stay beautiful.” At first I was delighted by it, but as time went on, I have to admit, occasionally it annoyed me. At that time in my life I was certainly not used to taking compliments gracefully (I’ve gotten over that) and there were many days where I felt far from anything that resembled beautiful.