Customer Happiness

“Good Morning, how may I enrich your life?”


That’s the first thing I heard after being connected to a rep at Gano Excel where I buy the stuff I drink instead of coffee. It took me back and made me smile at the same time. He was pleasant, I made my purchase, but his question stayed in my mind all day. Now that sets the customer experience up for a happy event.


Questions have the power to focus our attention and all day long I thought about that one. “How may I enrich your life?”


I so love it as an alternative to “How may I serve you?” or “What can I do for you?” And while it may not be an actual sentence that you feel comfortable saying it in your business, your COULD be thinking it!


You could be getting up in the morning and thinking before you get to the office – how can I enrich the lives of the people I work with and for, how can I enrich the lives of my customers, how can enrich the lives of my children, my friends, my family?


Carry that question with you for a few days and see what happens. So far I’d say that I enriched the lives of two friends, three clients, two colleagues and a couple of people at the deli. I enriched by going a little farther and providing a little something extra, making soup from scratch and paying a visit, listening deeply and making many suggestions, connecting people with like interests, relaying some intuitive insight, listening for strengths and playing them back in the form of feedback, and giving a foot rub.  Today, as I reflect on that and write this post, I feel energized by enriching others and feel like I’ve been enriched myself.


It’s funny how that works. Who’s life can you enrich today?

Leaders who want to inspire “customer consciousness” as part of their customer care strategy understand the power of enriching their customer’s experience.


Updated 12/27/2015

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