Karma Footprint

Journalist, Emily Yellin, author of “Your Call is (not that) Important to Us” in 2009  traveled all over the world to talk to people in call centers and their customers told wonderful stories of companies that are finally paying attention to the details of business that matter to customers. From recording an initial greeting for a…

Golden Pineapple Fruit

Get On Your Case

“I’ve been on my case” said Judith when we spoke today.

Judith called to involve me in a joint venture, and in the course of the conversation she used the phrase “no problem” seven or eight times. It was a pleasant, interesting conversation. She was an engaging and intelligent woman who knew her stuff, and as the conversation went on I kept getting distracted as I noticed the little hairs on the back of my neck wiggle every time she used the phrase that began with “No.”

Positive Practices

Twenty One Years, Twenty One Insights

Today’s my 21st anniversary of being in business. Wow. That’s a long time and a lot of learning. I began with an idea. Imagine if you will, that every business sits atop a tripod – three legs, needing to be in balance to keep the business stable. Each leg represents a set of relationships. One…

The customer is in charge and the customer is talking - about you. There's great value in engaging the customer. Engaged customers buy more, tend to be more loyal and recommend their friends to you. The "thumbs up " on Facebook is one of the ways the customer spreads the word about you and one of the reasons you want to make sure you are engaging the customers in ways you never did before.

71% Take a Friend’s Recommendation

The customer’s opinion is more important than it ever was before. 71% of people said they take a friend’s recommendation for a product or service. Customers today are involved and engaged in a way never before possible and it’s changing the game. For the better, I think.   The customer’s in charge and the customer…

This week I had dinner with my Mom at Seasons52. As the hostess took us to our seats, she picked up two black napkins and when we were seated asked us, since we were both wearing dark clothing, if we'd prefer a black napkin.

The Black Napkin

Last week I was having dinner with a colleague in Miami. A wonderful Italian restaurant on the inter-coastal waterway. Good food, good company. In the rustic tradition the white napkins resembled kitchen towels – thirsty but – uh fuzzy. Absorbed as I was in the food and the conversation I didn’t pay much attention to…

Authentic Happiness Coaching

In the Name of Loyalty

Oh brother. Now I’ve heard everything. Someone please tell me how cutting thousands of jobs at Sam’s Clubs is going to increase customer loyalty?   Looks like a cost cutting effort to me. If someone can shed some light on this please do. Are the employees of the sub-contractor be any more likely…

Customer Happiness

It’s All About Heart

Starting next week, for 5 weeks, 20 world-renowned thought leaders are sharing their insights and wisdom on how to live better, experience more joy, have more fun and create prosperity even in tough times. We’ll be talking about business and we’ll be talking about life.   This online event is called the Heart Based Service…