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I know you have heard me say that before. Just in case you forgot, I thought I would remind you. If you’ve ever wished you (or your business) could be happier it’s an important thing to remember.


What does it mean? It means you can train your brain to be happier. The more you repeat a thought or an activity the easier it becomes. In the act of repetition you create a neural pathway in your brain (one of those little “grooves” in your gray matter) and that pathway helps you habituate a pattern.


Happiness, goodness, positivity – and the experience of any positive emotion – becomes a habit when you regularly begin focusing your attention on what’s strong, what’s good and what’s life giving to your organization.


What you focus on expands.


I became happier when I began focusing on happier thoughts. I became happier when I created habits of language and thinking and responding that supported happiness. You can too.


You can train your brain to be happier. Neurons that fire together wire together and help you lean (if not leap) into happiness.


Enjoy this fabulous article from Success Magazine. It’s called “Choosing Happy”.

It’s well worth the read.


Be passionate, be purposeful, be positive!


p.s. Here’s a short video clip from my presentation  “Neurons that fire together wire together”

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