This is your chance to listen in while I share “insider’s knowledge” on how to create and leverage happiness as a profitable business strategy. The best part: It’s fre*e! The teleconference is part of a series, so gather your teammates and listen in as JoAnna shares some great tips on Creating Customer Happiness – and check out the other presenters as well!

Join me on Tuesday, March 6, at 3 p.m. EST, when I’ll be interviewed on the topic of Creating Customer Happiness by teleconference host Tiffany DeSilva, of Client Allure™. Join me on this “Virtual Retreat” and you’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What’s behind all the buzz on “happiness” and “love” in the business world?
  • How do positive emotions like happiness and love fit into the never-ending quest for customer loyalty?
  • How can a business take all this evidence of the profitable power of positivity in the workplace and use it, in practical ways, to create experiences that customers won’t want to live without?
  • How else can people keep business relationships “magnetic” and “attractive?”
  • How specifically does the happiness and positivity approach differ from past approaches to customer loyalty – and what’s the one thing you most need to know as you grow your business into the future?

This is the kind of event I’m frequently asked to do privately for my corporate customer loyalty and positive leadership clients; I’m so grateful to be able to share this information-rich session full of “secrets” with you thanks to Tiffany at Client Allure™

In addition to an hour’s worth of business boosting knowledge, as an attendee you will also receive:

  • A copy of my special report, Creating Customer Happiness: 54 Things You Can Do to Leverage the Power, Passion and Positivity of Your Workforce as a gift for attending.
  • A never-before-offered, whopping $100 savings on our results-driven self-study course, The Customer Care Coach®. Normally priced at $397, you’ll get the entire 40 lesson course for only $297 using the special coupon code I’ll share with you at the teleconference. The “Coach” is a virtual “Bible” on Customer Care for small business owners and Customer Service Managers alike.
  • The opportunity to listen to the call for fre*e for up to 48 hours after the call, as well as “upgrade” opportunities from Client Allure™ for this and future Virtual Retreats. (Hint : ask your boss and team to listen in with you – it’s really powerful when everyone is on the same page!)

The business world is really taking to heart what science has to teach about happiness in the workplace. As a Positive Leadership and Happiness Coach I have the inside “skinny” on what works in the workplace to unleash the positivity, power, passion and productivity of your people in the service of your customer’s happiness.

Jump on board with me on March 6 to learn firsthand how creating customer happiness actually activates the link between positivity and profitability!

I hope you’ll be there!

My very best,

JoAnna Brandi