The Customer Care Coach® is a self study programs for managers, leaders, or anyone who wants to create a more positive, customer focused culture in their department or company.


There are 3 Levels of the Program – each level designed to bring you closer to mastery of relationship management.

Level One


At this level you will get the team on board and learn what it takes to master the art of doing the basics brilliantly. There are 3 topics with a total of 12 lessons.


Topic #1: The Essential Principles of Customer Focused Leadership


Purpose: To jump-start new ways of thinking about you view your job as a leader!


Buckle your seatbelt and get ready to ride! You’re about to be transported to a new way of thinking about your business, your leadership skills and your customers. This module sets the foundation for what you’ll learn in the rest of the program. Beginning with the ‘Three C’s’ of Exquisite Customer Care – choice, change and the ever-elusive ‘commitment,’ you’ll begin to feel your emotions about success in business shift. You’ll find out how YOU are the key to more successful relationships with your staff and customers! When you complete this section of the course, you’ll be on the road to developing a team that is conscious, competent and caring, giving you the edge you need to move far ahead of your competitors.


There are four lessons in this topic:


  • The ‘Three C’s’ of Exquisite Customer Care
  • What It Takes To Thrive In Today’s Business Environment
  • ‘The F-Factor’  – Moving Your Team from Simple Service to “Exquisite Care”
  • The Working Relationship Tri-podsm – It’s Your Eco-system


Topic #2: Doing the Basics Brilliantly


Purpose: To give you a 12-point framework for developing Exquisite Customer Care.
Twelve essential dimensions form the underlying ‘brilliance’ of customer care. You’ll learn them, use them, measure them and make changes accordingly. The dimensions provide a framework for thinking about improvement that is organized and useful. You will learn how to take a step-by-step approach to understanding where your customer care efforts need to improve. This topic tells you how to get an A+ on those dimensions of service that are the most important to your customers. The future of your business depends on how well you “Ace” these facets.
The four lessons in this topic cover:


  • The Twelve Dimensions of Exquisite Customer Care and how to easily incorporate them into your company’s everyday culture without shocking your staff.


Topic #3: Strengthening Interpersonal Communications


Purpose: To teach you the science of building rapport & trust in relationships.


Exquisite relationships thrive on excellent communication. Most companies admit they have ‘communication problems.’ In this section you’ll uncover the barriers to clear and concise communication and open up the channels to success. You’ll learn to map your information and communication needs and you’ll learn 22 listening skills that will increase your comprehension and your success. Journey through the communication module with us and transform your skills with your staff and, importantly, with yourself.


  • The Simple Process of Effective Communications
  • The Barriers to Good Communication Skills & How To Avoid Them
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback Without Building Resentment
  • Learning to Organize and Prioritize Information Flow

Level Two


At this level you will dig deeper and examine your value and culture and learn how to rev up and manage your energy for peak performance. There are 3 topics with a total of 12 lessons.


Topic #4: Creating a Customer Care Culture That Works


Purpose: Discover and sharpen the essential tools for defining and developing your unique brand of customer experience.


Your Culture is the ‘soul’ of your business. It’s the very way you do business, see opportunities and experience creativity. Every company has a culture, like it or not. In this session you’ll discover the lost art of Culture-Craftingsm in your department, division or company. You’ll begin to create an environment where people want to do great things. Great cultures breed great ideas that lead to great deeds. You’ll learn the secret to avoiding ‘culture confusion’ and how to steadily focus all your staff in the same direction.


  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Values – What Do You Stand For and Why It Matters?
  • Does Your Castle Look Like Your Story?
  • Ride, Outlaw, Ride!


Topic #5: How Customers Keep Score: Sometimes Fairly, Sometimes Not


Purpose: To give you quick, actionable methods for building value into every customer interaction.


This module delivers an in-depth look at how and where value is created. This module alone is worth more than the price of the entire course! You could use it alone as an improvement process for a whole year or more. In this section you’ll discover the 7 Core Needs Customers Crave.  You’ll learn the secrets successful companies use to create magical customer experiences. The secret ingredient in our spells? Provocative questions! Why? Thriving leaders don’t have all the answers; they ask great questions! By the end of this topic you will have accumulated hundreds of really great questions to add to your repertoire.


  • Loyalty Leaders Have Value at Heart
  • The Seven Core Needs Your Customers Crave
  • Mission Is Possible: Seek & Act on Value – Add Opportunities
  • The Secret to Creating Magical Customer Experiences


Topic #6: Managing Your Energy For Peak Performance


Purpose: How to generate and maintain your maximum energy level by making healthier choices.
There’s more scientific evidence today than ever before, proving that optimists live longer and healthier lives than pessimists. They also provide more consistently positive experiences for customers – which keeps customers coming back, buying more and referring their friends! Learn to SACK stress and boost your energy levels. When you do the Energy Drains and Energy Gains exercises you’ll learn something new and wonderful about yourself. Most importantly you’ll learn how to successfully & easily craft a change-ready culture!


  • Everything You’ve Always Needed to Know About Stress – But Didn’t Know to Ask
  • You Are What You Choose to Believe: Looking Within at the Attitude You Put Out
  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Change
  • Change & the Nature of Work


Level Three


At this level you will learn to work with conflict masterfully, broaden your views on leadership, take your team to peak performance and then move you into continuous improvement mode. There are 4 topics with a total of 16 lessons.


Topic #7: Effective Problem & Conflict Resolution


Purpose: Discover the opportunity in resolving conflict creatively.


With thinking borrowed from the martial art Aikido and with the guidance of an accomplished conflict resolution mediator, we invite you to change your views of conflict and discover the positive opportunities it offers you. Out of adversity comes promise and possibility! We offer you a Win/Win/Win model to process and resolve conflict, and powerful methods for solving customer’s problems on the spot and for dealing with angry customers. Your leadership skills will soar as conflict melts away at the completion of this module.


  • Conflict: Growth Opportunities in Disguise
  • Conflict: Seven Steps for Resolving Conflict
  • To Stay on Top of Relationships, Get to the Bottom of Problems
  • Recovery Strategies – How to Handle the Heat!


Topic #8: New, Vital Management Skills for the 21st Century


Purpose: Use Positive Leadership techniques and watch your staff shine.


Begin to flex your leadership muscle. Learn the differences between the ‘old’ management and the ‘new’ leadership styles. Use our self-assessment profile and choose where you want to improve your leadership skills. This segment is based on over a dozen years of ‘in the field’ observations of how customer focused companies are managed differently than traditional organizations. Learn to help the people around you grow as you grow. Make work an exciting journey of self-discovery as you learn relationship skills you can use anywhere to accomplish your dreams.  (Do try this stuff at home!).


  • Make the Shift from the Old Business Mindset to New Opportunities
  • Motivation: Invigorate Yourself and Your Team to Be Their Best!
  • Expectations: Walking Your Talk & Talking Your Walk
  • Delegation and the Art of Getting More Done In Less Time


Topic #9: Building a Peak Performance Team


Purpose: Build a dedicated team that can deliver an exquisite customer experiences over and over again.


All our training modules are geared towards helping you create a peak performing team.  This one shares the characteristics that show up in successful teams today and give you a model you can use to boost the performance of your team. Add the skills you’ve learned studying with us and you’ll be truly on your way to success using a model we see repeatedly in companies that are great to work for and great to do business with.


  • Peak Performance: How to Make It Your Team’s ‘M.O.’
  • Straighten Up & Hire Right! Getting & Keeping the ‘Best of the Best’ for Your Unique Team
  • Coaching – Tools for Transformation in Action
  • Recognition and Rewards: The Icing on the Peak Performance Cake!


Topic #10: Continuous Improvements: How does it get any better than this?


Purpose: To integrate the lessons learned into an ongoing improvement initiative.
You can take this module any where in the program you’d like. It was designed to be at the end where you can assess how far you’ve come in your learning, but it’s useful anywhere you want it. If you want to deliver the kind of experiences that keep customers coming back year after year with their money and their friends you must find a way to keep the improvements and innovations coming. Here are ways that you can listen, measure and integrate a variety of learnings into methodology to move you forward with momentum and mastery.


  • The Ears Have It! – Create “Listening Posts” Everywhere
  • Measuring What Matters; Throwing Out the Rest
  • Connecting the Dots
  • The “Inner Game” – Empowerment is an inside Job


This level pulls it all together for a look at how to measure your progress and keep moving forward with momentum and mastery.



This self study program is as flexible as you need it to be. It builds your confidence at the same time as it builds strength in your team! 


GREAT Choice!


Customer Care Coach®  Mastery Package


The Customer Care Coach® leadership training program (40 complete lessons plus quizzes) in downloadable PDF documents – Only $397 (That’s less than $10 a lesson!)




By the time you finish studying the “Coach” you’ll find that you have changed the environment at work. Your energy levels will be higher than when you started. Your team will be more upbeat, enthusiastic and involved. You’ll be creating more value – so much value your competitors are wondering what happened.


You’ll be enjoying your staff more. You’ll be seeing higher levels of loyalty and happiness. Your customer retention and profit will have increased as will your value to the company. Most importantly, you will feel what “Mastery” does for you. You’ll feel smarter, more confident  and more passionate about your work than ever before! Congratulations!