Building Customer Loyalty MasterMind Groups©

These peer-to-peer groups are for Customer Service Managers and above in non-competitive organizations in a specific geographic area. Groups run for one year. There are four face-to-face meetings a year and eight telephone meetings. Group members work on their own strategic goals for customer loyalty and are supported by other group members.

These groups are by application only. We accept a maximum of 12 people in a group. We need a minimum of 8 people to begin a group. Ideal for Chamber of Commerce groups and others where there is a diverse group of organizations represented. If you offer to help form a group and host the meetings your admission is complimentary.

Creating Customer Happiness MasterMind Groups©

A lighter take on the Building Customer Loyalty groups these are purely telephone based. They take place once a month and can have up to 24 members in a group. Each call covers one of JoAnna’s 21 Essential Elements of building customer loyalty and is begun with a discussion of the element, brainstorming on the topic and then a declaration by each member of what they intend to do this month to build and support that element at their place of business. Calls range from 60 – 75 minutes.