In today’s tough economy it’s more important than ever to build strong customer relationships.  Loyal customers promote us, share positive “word of mouth”, give valuable feedback and help us develop new products. Loyalty is directly linked to profitability and growth.

Are your customers as loyal as you’d like them to be? If not, perhaps your Customer Service Pros could use a peer-to-peer support system that inspires them, motivates them and challenges them to keep their teams creating positive and memorable experiences for the customers.

 Announcing JoAnna Brandi’s Building Customer Loyalty MasterMind Groups

Purpose: To provide a facilitated peer group environment for Customer Service and other Professionals who want to build loyalty by providing outstanding customer care. Groups will provide an environment for learning, support, motivation, ideation and creation of plans that will enhance each company’s customer experience.

Structure: Groups of 10 – 12 people will meet ten times a year for a half day of learning, sharing, visioning and support. In between, members have the additional support provided in the Customer Care Coach® self study leadership program they receive when joining the group. This proven system helps them educate their team in the “Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care” and builds their Positive Leadership skills. It’s loosely held as a reference and curriculum for the group. Focus will be on the sustainability of customer centric culture.

Participants: Ideally, participants will be Director of Customer Service and above, with the support of senior management. They will have more than five years experience in managing and leading customer service teams and will be proactive innovative thinkers that will bring their enthusiasm and their ideas to the group. We will also accept others in positions such as Human Relations when they have responsibility for teaching/training customer service.

Ideally, participating companies will be non-competitive to encourage full participation, confidentiality and safety. In the case of two companies in same business category, the first in will be consulted about the suitability of a possible competitor.

An application to join the group is necessary.

Investment: $4,000 per participant, payable semiannually in advance.  A 10% discount for prepayment of whole year – $3,600.

Start date: South Florida groups forming now. First formal meeting is Feb. 2013.

                Contact: JoAnna Brandi  561-279-0027