Important News For Every

Service Person Who’s Ever Wanted More

Motivation, Encouragement and

because you’ll never get all you need from your boss.

It’s true!

No matter how good (or bad) your manager is, they
can’t possibly give you all you need to motivate you to take great
care of your customers.

You have to take charge of that.

So what’s the news?

Now there’s a simple, dirt cheap, guaranteed way
to make your job a whole lot easier. All it takes is a shift in where you
focus your attention.  

Monday Morning Motivation


Helps you make that shift by
jump-starting your week with

JoAnna Brandi, the “Customer Care

Based on the insights from her first book “Winning at Customer Retention, 101
Ways to Keep ’em Happy, Keep ’em Loyal and Keep ’em Coming Back,”
she’s developed a short, easy way to keep you energized by helping you
focus on a single customer relationship building concept:

The more you master customer relationship management
skills, the more confident and in control of the customer interaction you
become. The more in control you are, the less stress you’ll experience
and the more you’ll enjoy your job. 



“I work for one of the largest banks in the U.S. and deal
with demanding corporations daily. In the past, the grind has really gotten
to me and when my confidence is sapped, my customers and even my family
members feel the negative effects. With Monday Morning Motivation I’m
turning all that around. JoAnna Brandi’s words are wise and her
suggestions are do-able. As I practice what she teaches, I find that her
simple suggestions have far-reaching, positive results. I can’t thank
her enough.” ~M. LoGiudice

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Jumpstart Your Week With JoAnna!

Start your
week out with a burst of energy by putting your focus where it belongs
– right on the customer. Every Monday morning (or whatever day
your work week begins) get a short motivational email message
designed especially to “rev up” your passion for delivering what
JoAnna refers to as “Exquisite Customer
By routinely pumping you up to be and do your best,
JoAnna will teach you how to:

* Decrease the stresses
commonly experienced by customer service providers

* Feel consistently

* Learn how positive
self-talk can impact your attitude & actions

* Experience a dramatic
rise in your self-confidence

* Create consistently
positive customer experiences

  How does it work?


Once a week,
JoAnna, a masterful motivator, sends you:
  • a short and sweet customer INSIGHT
  • a few lines of “SELF-TALK” to get your
    brain focused, and
  • an IDEA generating question to
    stimulate your thinking about the insight all week long.


Print out and review the
message every day for a week and stimulate your brain
to look for ways to apply the insight in all your interactions. You’ll
be amazed at how spending a few brief moments at the beginning
your work week setting your INTENTION and FOCUS will positively impact your feelings
and experiences on the job!


It’s a simple, effective process for keeping
yourself motivated.

That’s not the best part – the best part is that Monday
Morning Motivation affordable for everyone: It’s only $14.95 for three months of

don’t have to go to your boss for permission for this one, it’s
less than you’d pay for dinner at the diner and when you use it
(that’s the only catch – you have to use it to reap the

For $14.95, you get 12 weeks of motivation, focus,
energy and attention.




“As a
freelance entrepreneur in today’s competitive economy, I can’t
afford to lose my mojo or my customers. JoAnna Brandi’s Monday Morning
Motivation helps me stay at the top of my game by shifting my perspective
from ‘what’s stressful’ to ‘what’s
possible,’ and encouraging me to act upon that new perspective.
Following her advice has completely changed the way I think and do business
for the better. Thank you!”
~T. Paradiso

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Let JoAnna Brandi, the Customer Care Lady, help you
focus on what you can control in your work life and in your customer
relationships. Let her give you the little extra motivation, encouragement
and support you need to make your job easier, fun and more

PS – When more than one member of a team signs up for
Monday Morning Motivation, the power of the process is magnified and can be used to create real and lasting
change in the way your company delivers service to the customers. Group
discounts are available for enrollments of 25 people or

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