Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were
a little more positive, a little bit happier, and a little less stressed?

Do you ever dream about the possibility that life could be less hectic
and maybe even more fun?


I know I did.

That’s why when given the opportunity to become an “Authentic Happiness Coach” and study with the founder of the science known as Positive Psychology, Dr. Martin Seligman, I jumped on to the path of positivity, embraced the study of happiness with mind, body and spirit, and never looked back.

If you listen carefully to what this new science tells us you’ll easily see that you have the power to change, improve or enhance your life with tools that are scientifically validated and proven to work (that is if you allow them to.)

The study of happiness – as a science – quieted the cynic, the critic and the sarcastic in me. It gave my left brain a useful place to focus. Almost everything I learned made perfect logical sense to me. I could no longer deny that happiness is indeed a choice the same way good nutrition and exercise are.

If I wanted to be happier, I had to give that desire some focused attention, some consistent practice and some room to grow.

Even if I can’t always move the needle all the way up to “HAPPY” I know that even a few degrees of change can make life seem a little lighter and a little brighter. Know what I mean? Want to know more?  Sign up NOW


When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.


Here are some key points you’ll learn on the path of positivity:

  • You have a genetic “Happiness Setpoint” and without intervention you will always revert back to how happy you usually are (or aren’t)
  • You can learn how to outsmart that setpoint by raising what scientists call your “Positivity Ratio”
  • There are 5 Pillars of Well-Being all within your reach
  • When you put your focus and attention on ‘what’s right’ and ‘what’s strong’ rather than on “what’s wrong” you build new neural pathways. The more you practice the bigger the pathways. There are advantages to this. Positive Emotions make you smarter, faster, more creative, healthier and even wealthier. It pays to know how to use your brain and body to achieve what is called the “Happiness Advantage”
  • The consistent repetition of “Positivity Practices” will actually change the way your brain is wired and help you turn happiness into a habit – a really good one.

Join me, Fran Sadis, and your other Long Island neighbors

On Saturday, October 5, 2013

JoAnna Brandi, Author of “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing,
Challenging and Sometimes Negative World”,

presents a one day workshop:

“From Positive Thinking to Positive Doing:
15 Ways to Put Positivity into Practice”

Make happiness your habit

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Seating is limited

At this 10 AM- 4 PM workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the many benefits of positive emotion and “lean in” if not “leap in” to happiness and well being. These 15 different Positivity Practices are the same ones I’ve taught at corporate retreats, spousal retreats, CEO meetings, sales meetings (and even at a Hadassah sponsored wine and chocolate gathering). These practices are designed to bring more joy and more well being into your life.

We live in a “sometimes negative world”. If we want that to change, we must change. Once you begin to notice the many places where you can add to the Positivity Ratio of the planet, you’ll find your “homework” pleasant and fun.

Join our positive learning community and discover:

  • Five ways to experience more gratitude
  • How to move into stillness and intuition quickly and deeply
  • My favorite practical, easy techniques for overcoming your genetic happiness “setpoint” and strengthening your confidence as well as your immune system.
  • Why it’s time to change your “story” and learn a new language of possibility, positivity and productivity. (Yes, happy people are more productive and better liked and attract more goodness to their lives.)
  • What it’s like to spend a day “marinating” in Positive Energy, on purpose.

You’ll do it supported and encouraged by an “Authentic Happiness” Coach, your friends and neighbors. So grab a friend and Sign up today. Space is limited.

The workshop will take  place:

Saturday October 5th, 2013
10AM- 4PM

St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church
1000 Washington Ave.
Plainview, NY 11803

 Your investment in more happiness $125.
(Early enrollment by Sept 19th – Save $15 – use Coupon Code NYHappy)

Included in your investment is a healthy lunch wrap, salad, coffee and tea
as well as a copy of JoAnna’s book “54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing,
Challenging and Sometimes Negative World”

If you have particular dietary needs feel free to bring what you need to be comfortable and happy.

Questions: Call Fran Sadis 631-525-6625 or JoAnna Brandi 561-279-0027


About JoAnna:

Drawing from some of the latest finding in the fields of Applied Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Wellness and Professional Sports, JoAnna Brandi, a graduate of Dr. Martin Seligman’s Authentic Happiness Coaching program, and author of three books delivers a holistic plan for developing your own Positivity Practice.

JoAnna Brandi is an author, speaker, consultant and workshop facilitator. She’s owned her own consultancy since 1990 and has influenced tens of thousands of people in the field of customer loyalty with her “Dare to Care” message. Now that she is a Happiness Coach she teaches companies how to activate the link between their positivity and their profitability through positive leadership and positive culture. She is in the process of writing her fourth book, “From Positive Thinking to Positive Doing: Positivity Practices that Turn Happiness into a Habit.”

 For more info on JoAnna and her work: www.ReturnOnHappiness.com

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What others say about JoAnna and her work:

Amy Africa, Entrepreneur, Internet Consultant, Speaker ~ I’ve known JoAnna Brandi for over 15 years. She has had a major influence on my career — and my life. Through her successful tips and tricks, I’ve learned how to better manage my personal and professional relationships and frankly, myself. I like her work because it’s real — it’s not just a bunch of university research and studies — JoAnna’s advice comes from real world, in-the-trenches experience. I like it because it’s easy — JoAnna’s done most of the heavy lifting to find out what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to. And most important, I like it because it works — JoAnna’s practices aren’t just great in theory, they’re great in practice.”

Liz Sterling, Radio Show Host, Blogger, Former Owner of “Lifeworks” Enrichment Center ~ “Engaging, enthralling, expanding… JoAnna Brandi brings elements of many disciplines including the contemporary and breakthrough work of positive psychology right to the classroom. Armed with good humor, an arsenal of fun and creative projects for self expression and a brilliant depth and understanding of her material, anyone and everyone working with JoAnna emerges feeling more worthy and self-assured.”

Devi Hart, Wellness Coach, Blogger“ ~ As an ovarian and breast cancer patient, I am all too familiar with fear, stress and catastrophic thinking. I have found JoAnna’s happiness wisdom to be powerful, life-changing and implementable. Now when I get a challenging test result or a twinge in my body, I reach for one of her techniques and can literally feel my emotions change in minutes.”

Linda Wolk Winters, Educator, Wellness Coach ~ “Wow! JoAnna Brandi is the real deal! She presents real skills to apply to my everyday life to make it better and easier and more positive. Her wisdom and enthusiasm are contagious! I particularly appreciate how JoAnna has tailor made unique presentations each time I have hired her for trainings with my Non Profit Organization. Each time the participants were engaged to become more positive and more committed to giving their best to the goals and mission of our work.”


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