Congratulations on the wise choice you’ve made to own a copy of the Customer Care Coach®. This low cost, self-led employee engagement tool is for leaders who want to inspire “customer consciousness” as part of their customer experience strategy. It focuses you on the key elements of leadership, employee inspiration and motivation, and “Exquisite” Customer CARE. This self-study program is designed to give you “Mastery” in customer focused leadership and help you build a peak performance team. It’s written by a Happiness Coach, JoAnna Brandi.



Outstanding customer service begins with employee motivation and intention, and that requires mindful and deliberate leadership from you. Whether you have one employee or thousands, it’s critical to the success of your company that you create a workplace culture which embodies your business values and inspires your employees to give your customers the gift of their best selves every day.


Your employees’ ability to turn first-time customers into repeat business and returning buyers into lifetime loyal customers will save your company time, energy and money and make work a more meaningful and rewarding place to be. That’s because loyalty usually means someone loves doing business with you.


Improving your profitable customer retention rate by a mere 5% can increase your profits between 25% and 100%. Imagine how proud you’ll feel when you know that your expertise helped created that kind of profitable result?


That’s where the Customer Care Coach® comes in. This is a comprehensive do-it-yourself customer service training program that focuses on key elements of leadership, employee inspiration and motivation, and of course, Customer CARE.


In a total of 10 Topics and 40 lessons, you learn — and practice — the Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care. There are exercises, quizzes, reviews, and should you desire it, a certificate upon demonstrated successful mastery of the program. We give you the material for weekly or monthly team meetings and the “skill builders” you need engage your people. It’s a “train the trainer” program that puts you in charge and engages your staff as much as you want to. It’s working well with millennial teams.


The “Coach” has been used by CEO’s, Customer Service Managers and Directors in organizations of all kinds. It is a carefully designed curriculum. If your customer’s experience is your competitive advantage, the Coach will help you sharpen your edge. It will help you advance your career, expand your skills (and your staff’s), empower your team, create customer happiness and customer loyalty and increase your sales and increase referrals.