Increase Profit and Work Smarter by Mastering the Art of Relationship Management with the Customer Care Coach®

Outstanding customer service begins with employee motivation, and that requires world-class leadership from you. Whether you have one employee or 300, it’s critical to the success of your company that you create a workplace culture that embodies your business values and inspires your employees to give customers their best self every single day.


Your employees’ ability to turn first-time customers into repeat business and returning buyers into lifetime loyal customers will save your company time, energy and money. Look at the real cost of new vs. returning customers:


Attracting a new customer costs anywhere from 6 to 30 times as much as keeping a current customer happy.


So it’s not surprising that improving your customer retention rate by a mere 5% can increase your profits between 25% and 100%.


But in this economy, with less time and fewer resources than ever before for leadership training, how do you get the skills you need without busting the budget and interrupting your workflow?


That’s where the Customer Care Coach® comes in. This is a comprehensive do-it-yourself customer service training program that focuses on the key elements of leadership, employee motivation, and most importantly, customer CARE.


In a total of 40 lessons, you will learn — and practice — the Art and Science of Exquisite Customer Care. There are exercises, quizzes, reviews, and should you desire it, a certificate upon successful mastery of the program. It’s a “train the trainer” program that puts you in charge and engages your staff as much as you want to.


The Customer Care Coach® enables you to work at your own pace, and takes just about 30 minutes a week. Once you say “Yes!” to increasing your customer loyalty by creating a more conscious, caring and competent staff, you download your lessons to get started. You control the pace of your own learning and how and when you share it with your staff. Most people actually print the documents and create a manual they can use over and over again as new employees come on board.

There are 10 topics and 4 lessons in each topic. Some of our “Mastery Students” take what they learn each week to have a weekly meeting with their team and practice the “skill builder” exercises. Some students finish the whole topic and then have a monthly meeting choosing the most important points to use for their staff training. Some use it as a “lunch and learn” opportunity – you do it your way.


We recommend you set aside the same time each week to study, that helps you make learning a good habit. You determine the amount of practice you need to give to each new skill. You can download a sample lesson here:


Sample Lesson

Each lesson contains a personal message from your Coach, JoAnna Brandi, as well as skill-building techniques that may include exercises and games. The emphasis is always on heightening your awareness of and sensitivity to your employees’ and customers’ needs as a means toward improving the customer experience. Here’s a sample skill builder:


Sample Skill Builder


JoAnna, I want to give you some positive feedback for the Customer Care Coach. This format is working well for me and my staff. I’ve have been surprised at how receptive and engaged the staff have been with the activities. I am receiving a lot more positive feedback regarding patient and staff experiences from the staff. I am happy to feel more connection to my staff. I am also relieved and delighted that the preparation is minimal and doesn’t take up a lot of valuable time. Thank you.
– Dr. Christena Ward, Owner, Eye Tech Frisco.

Just take a look at some of the feedback received from successful graduates of the Customer Care Coach®:

“The Customer Care Coach is a phenomenal resource! As a Director of a small company, my job is all about balance. I constantly weigh out the benefits of a program vs. the commitments in time and money. The Customer Care Coach is one program that always tips the scale favorably… It’s a fantastic resource at an affordable cost! Thank You!”


Soon-Ah K. Fadness – Center Director, StudySmart


“Thank you for the consistently meaningful information in the Customer Care Coach lessons. I find the monthly quizzes keep me on track, topic by topic. I have been able to begin connecting one training workshop with the next, using your approach and materials…Together, we are making a difference at this company.”

Maryellen H. Lewicki – Manager, Customer Service, EMSAR, Inc.


“The Customer Care Coach has become a weekly staple in my company’s growth. It is the cornerstone of our weekly team meeting…Every single employee has said to me at least once, that the lessons they’ve learned from coach have had a positive application in their life outside of Graphic Focus. We are a stronger team for having worked the coach lessons.”

Joe Zaniker – President, Graphic Focus


“I am thoroughly enjoying the Customer Care Coach. It seems that in almost every lesson there is an “ah-ha” moment! We have been putting the Coach to good use, and are continuing to reap the benefits! Customer loyalty certainly is our number one benefit! We are solidifying as a customer service team, unified in our goals. And we’re all friends to boot, which is an added bonus!

Helen Travis – Customer Service Coordinator, Laboratory Services


“Every issue has something to walk away with and USE. I meet with the sales and service team every month and there is always something I use from that month’s Coach topic. This is everyday stuff that we really use.”

Carmen Couch – VP Sales, Power Financial Credit Union

Once purchasing, the 40-lesson course delivered to you instantly in zipped PDF format.


Buy now and begin building, inspiring, and motivating an employee team focused on customer loyalty and happiness. In other words, begin improving your company’s bottom line right now, with every customer contact!


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