Loyalty is an emotional connection. It’s not the same thing as retention. Retention and satisfaction will fool you into believing you’ve got a good thing going with your customer (or employee), until you don’t.

 Funny Little Thing about Love

Funny thing about the human brain. Functional MRI imaging tells us that when we look at a photo of someone we love it activates the same parts of the brain as when we look at a logo of a brand to which we’re loyal.   What?  Loyalty is an emotional connection. It’s not the same thing as…

The challenge with reflection is there is always such noise going on in our heads – and in the myriad devices at our fingertips  - that often the higher wisdom we seek can’t be heard because these other voices shout so loudly.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Of late, I’ve been in a state of reflection. In order to do that, I’ve had to slow down a bit. And breathe. And listen.   The challenge with reflection is there is always such noise going on in our heads – and in the myriad devices at our fingertips  – that often the higher…

Holiday Wishes

A Little Year End Reflection

  As the year winds down and comes to a close, and our minds turn to celebration, I’d like to invite you to spend a little time on reflection.   These will be some of the questions I’ll be playing with as I reflect on my year. Please feel free to use them, or use…


K Stands for Kindness

 So we are coming to the end of our relationship formula: T.R.A.C.K.   If you have been following along, you’ve learned about Trust, Respect, Appreciation, and open and honest Communication without blame or judgment – all traits practiced by Positive Leaders.(Click the back button on your screen and you can scroll back through those traits.)…


R Stands for Respect

“Respect” comes up in every discussion I have with clients when we explore relationship essentials. It’s a quality we’re all looking for, yet from time to time we can all fall short of actually giving it to others.


Relationships Are Everything

Buckminster Fuller, the creator of the Geodesic Dome once said, “Relationships are everything and everything is relationship.” He saw the world as a whole – where everything is connected to everything else and where the relationships between things are as important as the things themselves.  His work synthesized intelligence from the fields of architecture, design,…

Before I write anything these days (with the exception of a rant when I get poor service, which is driven purely by emotion at the time) I check in with what you want to learn from me about caring for customers, leading a high performance team and creating more happiness for yourself and others.

Are You Dealing Positively with Conflict?

One recurring theme is dealing positively with conflict. I thought I’d tackle that topic today since I was recently challenged myself to do just that.   Here are 12 ways to deal more skillfully and positively with conflict.   Adopt a Win/Win intention. We live in a competitive culture. We want to “win,” but in the competitive…