Holiday Wishes


As the year winds down and comes to a close, and our minds turn to celebration, I’d like to invite you to spend a little time on reflection.


These will be some of the questions I’ll be playing with as I reflect on my year. Please feel free to use them, or use them as a model for developing your own. Be gentle with yourself as you answer the questions, and use them as a way to understand where opportunities lie in the upcoming year.


Where have I brought love and caring to my work and my relationships?


How can I bring more of the authentic me to all that I do?


Where did I find places to make my customers’ lives easier?


How can I be a wiser leader?


Have I added practices in my life that add to MY health and well-being so I can be more available to others?


Where have I taken or missed opportunities to get stronger, smarter, happier or healthier?


Where have I taken or missed opportunities to rest, rejuvenate, or reclaim my innocence?


Have I counter-balanced the negativity of the world with my Positivity?


Where have I been inspired and where have I inspired others?


As a leader (and we are ALL leaders) have I walked my talk?


At the end of this year, can I say that I added more positive vibes than negative ones into the overall vibration of the earth?


Opportunities for positive change lie everywhere. Enjoy the questions – play with them – and find some of your own.


Celebrate and appreciate all that you’ve done this year to make the lives of others easier, happier, more fulfilling, brighter, or more enriching. I’m taking some time each day to reflect on my questions and my direction for the future.


I hope all your holidays are merry and bright and that your New Year is happy, healthy and prosperous.


Peace and prosperity!





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