I trust you’ll enjoy the topic.  I chose the one on Stress specifically because we all deal with it and it’s a big challenge to provide relief and delight for our customers if we’re the ones under stress.

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Every Customer Care Coach® lesson begins with a mini coaching session from me, then, a robust explanation of the topic and anywhere from one to three “Skill Builders” for you to do on your own and with your team.

Ideally, if you do one lesson a week (it will take you about 20- 30 minutes of focused time or less) and then practice your Skill Builders with your team, you’ll start seeing results in short order.

The key to success in this program is your consistency.  When you do your work weekly and meet with your team, one week begins to build on the next to give you the momentum you need to make real improvements.

And the best part of it – you’re not really doing all the work at all – you’re engaging your team every step of the way in activities designed to help them build their Customer Caring muscles and differentiate your company from all the rest of them out there who are delivering “wimpy” and weak attempts at caring for the customers.

Go ahead raise the bar! Give it a try. You have nothing to lose. All our products are 100 % money back guaranteed.   

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The Customer Care Coach® provides you with continuous learning to fuel your continuous improvement efforts and upgrade your customer service skills to “Exquisite Customer Care”.

C’mon, go for it.

Thanks for your interest in making your customers world a happier one,


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