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Thank you for requesting this special report!

Your success in life depends on your skill at building relationships strong and loyal. That requires emotional intelligence. 67% of your ability to be a successful leader depends on your “EQ” not your “IQ”. This report will help you build your “EQ” muscles strong. It’s an in depth look at the top qualities that you need to enrich and enhance your relationships.


I want to share this special report with you prepared after over 20 years of asking in my workshop: “What qualities must be present in order for relationships to last?” I’ve sifted through hundreds of responses and the qualities that come up most frequently form the acronym “TRAC”. I’ve added the K, for the one thing I’ve seen consistently demonstrated in the best companies to work for and do business with and that is Kindness.


Grab your copy now and get ready to energize your relationships – at work and at home!


JoAnna Brandi