Happy New Year! If you’ve been with me a while you KNOW I love this month? WHY?


Everybody you meet starts the conversation with the word, “Happy.” Think about it.


Since the ball dropped in Times Square I know I must have said HAPPY New Year at least 25 times, maybe more! How about you?


How did it make you feel? I’ll bet pretty good!  


I don’t know about yours, but my mailbox is STUFFED with all kinds of offers and resolutions.


I’m actually feeling a little overwhelmed so I’m going to make 3 simple suggestions that will help you build your Positive Leadership practice internally and externally and bring more happiness to your workplace.



  1. Be more conscious. Be aware of the opportunities you do have to turn a moment of truth (any time someone has the opportunity to make a judgement about the quality of care and attention you are providing) into a more memorable “moment of magic.” Pay attention to the hundreds of times during the day, you could make an interaction special, different, unique, and well, happier.


  1. Listen more naively. Most of us are defensive. Most of us listen with our own filters and let our own opinions get in the way. This year, listen with “Beginner’s Mind.” Listen for what the other person really means. Step out of your own shoes before you take a walk in another’s.


  1. Stay On TRACKsm Remember relationships are all about Trust, Respect, Communication, Appreciation and Kindness.  Don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter. Remember the core values your organization stands for and live them. Show up and BE the message you are trying to convey.


So I’ll leave you to create the intentions and resolutions that matter to you and to your company I am busy at work on several new offerings for this new year! First up, I’m creating a product that will help you and your team identify their values and put them into practice daily!


I wish you a New Year filled with happiness, vibrant good health, and much prosperity.


Grab my TRACK report here ! https://returnonhappiness.com/TRACK/


HAPPY New Year,




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