3 Happiness Secrets You Need to Know Now

(Refrain: Just when you needed it most)

Is your head spinning after the last few weeks?

I know mine is.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “What does a Happiness Coach do to feel good in these challenging times?”


She practices happiness.

Happiness. It seems to be life’s holy grail of emotional states. A seemingly simple concept, yet one that so many struggle with.

Including me.

Why? Because it is riddled with misconceptions.


That’s one of the main reasons I study and practice happiness. You see my body was wired for pessimism, not optimism. I have to constantly outsmart my happiness setpoint.

I have to be vigilant.

If not, the constantly negative noise from the thousands of negative, not-enough messages my body encounters all day long impacts my well-being negatively.


Did you know that new evidence shows up every day which links positive emotion to good health, long life, deeper social relationships? Oh yeah, and even more money.

These are some of the reasons I said “YES!” when I learned that the good folks at BriteVibe had created The Global Happiness Summit.

It’s a respite from the crazy; an upgrade from the everyday.


It’s your opportunity to get up close and pretty personal with the inspiring life coaches, thought leaders, and educators that have signed up to help you make your life happier, healthier and flourishing on a more regular basis.

This stellar selection of speakers (yeah, I’m proud) will deliver real world, you-can-do-it-now, and the-world-needs-you-now-tools.

It’s a kick-butt group. You want to be part of this.


For five days we will be educating, entertaining and learning right alongside you to create more enriching lives ourselves.

The timing on this is PERFECT!   Here’s the REPLAY for YOU  

Together we share our wisdom, our challenges and our victories and show you how to frame your world in a more positive way.

It’s the place where we will talk about the misconceptions of “Happyology” and offer empowering ways to tap into true happiness and start living your best life.

Let the learning begin!

Here are 3 hidden truths about happiness:

  1.       It’s Not Elusive

For many people, the feeling of happiness is something they must chase. That seems to be eluding them in some way… almost running from them – constantly setting the finish line further and further away. The truth is happiness can be had at any time. Anywhere. No matter what is happening in your life. Happiness is all around us, and usually takes a mere shift in perspective at any time to obtain it.

  1.       It’s Not Being “Problem-Free”

Believe it or not you don’t have to pay off all your debt, not be sleeping on the couch currently, or not be on thin ice with the boss to be happy. You can be happy despite all the swirly and buzzing around you. In fact, when you can come into appreciation for the things that are going right and be happy despite the noise, it can help solve problems in your life. Happiness is a powerful tool to see us through difficult times. Learning how to harness it is key.

  1.       It Takes Work

Some people see happiness as something outside of themselves that comes and goes like the weather… naturally. But happiness takes work. Sometimes a lot of work. Happiness comes one thought at a time, one word at a time, one day at a time. Which is why it is so important to learn how to defeat negative thoughts, combat pessimism and turn those thoughts into positive ones. Happy people deliberately choose positive thoughts, words, and actions. They are Positive Energizers.

Ready to take a deeper dive into the psychology of happiness and learn easy and exact information you need to take action in your own life to achieve greater happiness on a daily basis?

Check out the REPLAY here

This is a free 5-day summit that will bring together relationship gurus, finance masters, inspiring life-coaches, informative health and wellness industry leaders, spiritual advisors, and so many more, to help you break through any and all barriers that may be holding you back from experiencing satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment.

I’m speaking at 10AM Eastern Time on the 14th: It’s on my calendar! Put it on YOURS!

Be well, stay happy,


PS – Did you know that in Thomas Jefferson’s day, the word “pursuit” meant PRACTICE? We’re supposed to be practicing happiness it, not pursuing it!

PPS – If you don’t know anything about YOUR happiness setpoint you may want to pick up the phone and call me! 561-279-0027


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