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That’s the title of a workshop I did years ago for a big international bank in NY. We were trying to get the customer-facing people to loosen up just a little and lead with an open mind before automatically saying “No,” which so many bankers had been trained to do. I know. That’s where I started my work life.


While I was speaking open-armed and passionately about the change in culture they were attempting, a young man in the back of the auditorium, way high up, waved his hands madly to get my attention.


I stopped to entertain his question. “It’s so great to hear what you have to say,” he complimented, “BUT I just got out of teller training and they essentially told us NOT to trust the customer. Who am I supposed to listen to – you or them?”


I stood there somewhat dumbfounded.

You could hear a pin drop in the big auditorium.


After I inhaled deeply, exhaled even more deeply, and grounded my feet, I looked up at him and said, “I think what they really want is for you to listen to me. I represent where the bank wants to go.”


I promised him I would circle back and see if I could make a difference in what that “official” training looked like.


“I’m sorry you’re getting two different messages,” I said. “What’s most important is that you are always looking for ways to provide more value for your customers. That’s your job, that’s my job. That’s everyone’s job – and if everyone did it – we’d all be better off.”


I’m guessing it was difficult for that young man to just say, “Yes.”
Customer facing people need to know someone’s got their back.


When I started getting calls the last two weeks about my new E-course The Practice of Positive Leadership: Use the Science of Happiness to Keep Employees Engaged and Customers Happy, I remembered what it felt like to just say “yes.” Kind of.


While realistically no one can say “Yes” to every request, what I learned in the last week in response to you asking for what you needed is that we WILL be able to create special features in the course for the “Leader of the Pack” – the personal responsible for organizing, monitoring and moderating the course in companies that have multiple recipients.


I learned we’ll even be able to “white label” the course for companies that have their own LMS or other special needs.


I like saying “Yes.”


And yes, now, in the works, is the ability to create your own “private” company copy where the discussion board is only for the use of your group, helping you to guide the discussion to keep people focused on your customer experience goals. And, if you want, I can even be part of that discussion.


My world was expanded this last two weeks since we launched our first beta copy. A sincere thank you for your calls and questions!


Congratulations to all the early adopters out there!
I’ll be checking up on you and popping into the discussion boards in a week or so.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Keep making a difference,




PS – Oh, you ask, “What is a Positive Energizer?”  See this brief video You’ll get your answer.


Be sure to take advantage of our low beta prices Check your budget – you’ll spend less this year for the program than you will next year, so act soon before the intro prices disappear!

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