During National Customer Service Week I did a webinar for Manpower HowtoCreateMoreWow. The technology was fun and I was able to do a few polls. As I was talking about Moments of Truth and Moments of Magic (a MOT turned into a WOW for a customer) I asked this question: In the last week, most of my experiences as a customer have been 1. Magical 2. Mediocre 3. Miserable. 90% said their experiences were mediocre.

When I talked about the importance of the customer’s emotional needs I asked this question: When I find a company that makes me feel good about doing business with them I 1. Always refer them to a friend or colleague 2. Usually refer them 3. Sometimes refer them 4. Never refer.

60% said “Always”, 37% said “Usually.” That’s 97% of the audience (over 5oo people) that responded!

Just let that sink in for a moment. There is so much opportunity in a world where people are willing to spread the good word about the feel good experience they had (and “feel good” also means that it was easy to do business with you and that the product was delivered on time, correctly etc. Good feeling come from all the value dimensions being capably delivered).

Your customers are talking. Oh yes they are. Here is the last question: When I leave an interaction with a company feeling poorly I typically 1. Tell 1- 5 people about the bad experience 2. Tell 6-10 people 3. Tell over 10 people 4. Put it out on the web for all to see.

70% tell at least 1- 5 people.

Yep your customers are talking about you okay. What are they saying? What do you say?These days I find that consumers are banding together to get the truth out into the marketplace. We simply don’t trust companies any more to do it. Watch your own behavior, watch your customer’s behavior.

Here in lies tremendous opportunity! Let’s give ‘em something (positive) to talk about!

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