Happy Customer

Who are you when you are at your best? When you’re living in your strengths how do others see you? How do you see yourself?


If I asked you to find a “superhero name” what would THAT part of your self be called?


When you think back over your successes, what do they have in common? Do you have a secret strategy for success?

When I first start coaching a client I ask questions like these.




Because unless you are able to spot genius, creativity, or collaborative spirit in yourself – how the hell will you spot it in another? If you don’t really understand what it feels like to live in your strengths, how will be able to teach it to the people you work with?


Many leaders I know DO have an “internal” lens that allows and encourages them look inside to find their best qualities and make sure those qualities show up with their teams – often!


Other leaders are so focused on improvement and meeting numbers that that they forget to live in the moment in the goodness of who they are. IN doing that they deny their people the opportunity to see greatness in action!


The world of work is changing and fast – that means we all have to upgrade our skills and our thinking.


My question is – are you keeping track of how you are growing and changing in positive ways?


With the world moving at breakneck speed are you slowing down enough to savor?

One of the things I teach my clients is the importance of SAVORING. It was the thing I needed to strengthen the MOST when I took my Authentic Happiness training with Dr. Martin Seligman. Marty had us take a lot of assessments so we understood ourselves, since this wasn’t just a course on how to teach happiness, but on how to live happiness.

What of your good qualities are you magnifying, exemplifying,  and expanding  build you strengths?



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