Welcome to the dawn of a new era – the era of wisdom. It’s a time where the warmth of human connection needs to shine brighter than ever before  – yes, amidst all the conversations we’re all having around artificial intelligence.


AI – some of us are diving headfirst into its embrace, others are taking cautious steps, and then there are those peeking out from behind curtains, a bit wary of what it might bring.

In the midst of this whirlwind of rapid change lies a golden opportunity for us to redefine our roles in this world.

Chip Conley, the wise sage behind the Modern Elder Academy, calls the arrival of this new era – the “wisdom economy.”


And frankly, I couldn’t agree more.


One goal of the “Practice of Positive Leadership” course is to create a container for these deeper conversations. Each week we meet online, I conduct a Wisdom Circle that corresponds with that week’s lesson.

When I see how people react in the Circles, and how much they enjoy this deeper interaction it makes me proud. Together we’ve created a safe space where they can talk about what matters.

They want to know what they can do as young leaders to light the spark of curiosity, or  determination, or caring, or connecting. They want to do good in the world.


Psychological safety is so important. More. Than. Ever.


In the knowledge economy – the time we are coming out of – tech skills dominated the scene. And even though it appears that the whole world wants to be turning into a tech company, according to Chip Conley, we’re now at a crossroads where wisdom is primed to take the spotlight.


How marvelous is that?


In a recent New York Times piece, the message was crystal clear: as AI advances, the value of purely technical skills diminishes, and although software engineering skills might be impressive, they’re not as rare as they used to be. So, where does that leave us?


Right in the sweet spot of our humanity, my friends.

Our ability to connect, collaborate, and care – that’s what truly sets us apart.


In the age of AI, it’s our emotional intelligence that will be the game-changer.

Perhaps this will herald a renaissance for the humanities. As Minouche Shafik of Columbia University wisely observes, the future lies not just in brains, but in hearts.




We’re not just transitioning from a knowledge economy to a wisdom economy; we’re also shifting towards a relationship economy. There is a lot of wisdom there.

Each and every one of your employees has a relationship with the company, fellow co-workers and importantly, themselves.


I call it the “Relationship Tripod.” When it all works well together you get the opportunity to hold on to what makes us undeniably human.

Let’s always celebrate our capacity for empathy, collaboration, and innovation.


At the end of the day, it’s not just about what we know – it’s about who we are. And that, my friends, is something no AI can ever replicate.

Ah, the age of Wisdom. Finally I feel at home. 


PS  The closing paragraph of the NYT piece hints at a profound shift – from the “survival of the fittest” to the “survival of the wisest.”


Welcome to the new economy, where people skills and social abilities will reign supreme.


It’s a call for not just rethinking our workforce training, but also expanding our imagination about what is possible for us as humans – not just as individuals and organizations, but as a species.


I’m in – how about you?




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