the-good-chinaI’m out in CA visiting my daughter and enjoying the grand kids. Getting ready for dinner the other night, she pulled out some of the “company china” to make the table special. I love that.
It reminded me of one of my earliest clients who used a personal story to illustrate to her staff the importance of a certain level of customer service.  She tells of a night she got home from work late. Her husband-of-just-a-few-months had prepared dinner for her. He wasn’t a spectacular cook, but he served dinner in such a caring fashion and he served it on the good china. That dinner made a lasting impression on her and she shared it with her staff.
The phrase “Using the Good China” was heard often in her company. It brought up the awareness that no matter what they had to deliver to the customers, they always deserved to have it served on the “good china.”

Are you serving your customers and your staff members on the good china?  Can you take a good hard look at your customer care practices for internal and external customers to see where and where you aren’t treating them “special”? Are you treating them like “company?”  What is it you uniquely deliver and how do you deliver it? Hey, what do you want to be famous for?

Photo Credit:  Meg Fairfax Fielding of Pigtown Design – the musings of a Baltimore-based writer, photographer and fund-raiser, who explores design, architecture, culture, and current events in Baltimore and around the world.
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