“I would recommend JoAnna to any company who needs to energize the employees and motivate them to provide superior customer service.  I told Joanna at the last in-service “If I want you back, you must be great”!  She is and I suggest you give her skills a try.

Florida Technical College holds many different in-services and development workshops for our colleges.  In December we held an in-service and JoAnna was wonderful.  She was an inspiration to everyone and focused on what we (The faculty and administration) can do to help our students.  Participants left that meeting feeling energized and ready to engage with the customer.

The impressive thing that I took away from that first meeting was her level of detail that she provided in her presentations.  She had many different exercises that promoted group interaction and the participants asked me if we could have Joanna return in the future.”

Chris Georgetti, Executive DirectorFlorida Technical College

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