JoAnna Brandi was an incredible speaker!  Her high energy combined with a very down-to-earth style kept everyone laughing and engaged throughout her speech.  The breadth and expertise of her message reached our 100+ managers from various levels and areas of the organization. JoAnna spent a great deal of time in preparation and analysis of our company’s needs which was evident in the focus of her speech.  Her customization contributed to the overall   “WOW” experience, which took place during and after her presentation. 

She clearly has a wide range of experience in the business-to-business market with numerous examples to support her suggestions for improving customer loyalty.   JoAnna also has a keen awareness of business concerns in the realm of the e-commerce era: she had very informative ideas on the role technology can play in improving customer relationships.  The true success of a motivational speaker is what the participant takes away- and we found that she inspired leaders to make changes in their departments.  JoAnna was a great success! 

Christine Hanson, PHH Vehicle Management Services

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