“We both felt the energy from the audience at customer service Management this year, specifically in response to your overflowing breakout session, “21 Ways to Keep ‘Em Loyal.” Now that I’ve had the opportunity to read every session evaluation, it’s clear that your message and presentation style resonated with the audience. Aside from the many comments, such as awesome, fantastic, a true pleasure, and very motivating, one person summed it up: “She’s a keeper.”

You were in the company of many outstanding, highly rated speakers, and you are part of the distinguished top ten performers. You received many evaluations with straight fives, earning an overall rating of 4.8 in your post-conference workshop and 4.56 for your breakout session. I look forward to working with you next year, and in many events to come. Thank you so much for your contribution to our success. Here are some of the comments we received:

  • Liked the group participation…great session.
  • Excellent & Timely.
  • Great team presentation.
  • Absolutely terrific!
  • Outstanding
  • JoAnna was a true pleasure and very motivating
  • Key speaker. How wonderful and refreshing. Thank you JoAnna for sharing your vision.
  • Great inspirational speaker
  • Best one so far!!!
  • Best session of the day! Thanks.
  • Very enjoyable!!
  • Awesome
  • Loved her last year too!!
  • Very high energy, held our attention.
  • She is a keeper. Excellent presenter. Allow 2 hours for this one! Great Topic! 

Cinda L. Daly, Program Chair, Customer Service Management

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